KPK to Start Power Projects Worth 4000MW

KPK’s Chief Minister, Parvez Khattak announced that the KP government is doing its best to usher an era of prosperity in the energy sector. He was talking to the media after signing a deal between Sappier, Sino-Hydro and Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organization (PEDO).

The deal was signed in Dir for a 150 MW hydel power project named Sharmai Hydel Power. He also said that KPK is looking to overcome the energy shortages in the province by working on small hydropower projects which will add 4,000MW to the grid.

The Projects

While talking about the energy sector in his concluding speech at the Provincial Budget for the financial year 2017-18, CM Pervez Khattak highlighted the need for new power projects, with the help of provincial government, private sector and loans from the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Throwing light on a few projects, he told that the local government will use its own resources to work on 300 MW projects, whereas another 300 MW project will be constructed via loans from ADB. The loan is to be paid back from the guaranteed profits, he added.

Power projects of around 600-700 MW will be made possible through the private investments. Out of these projects, 300 MW of power plants will begin operation next year. The Chief Minister especially applauded the interest shown by the private sector in overcoming the energy shortages in KP.

Pervez Khattak is optimistic about the bright future of the energy sector in the province and this is certainly a stepping stone towards an era of prosperity in KP.

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  • ahmed

    To late now

    • College

      Its never too late “Naswari”, “Aqal say Aari”

      Lets hope for Go Load shedding go… Go Load shedding go..

      By joining to contribute towards achieving National Progress should be welcomed!

      • Ali Salman

        Your “line” do not justify this lately announced project which will not see the day light ;)
        Where are those 350 dams?

    • u people only think about projects as a ladder to win an election. Think of the projects for long term investment for people of Pakistan

      • Ali Salman

        Very intelligent statement but this long term investment thought for Pakistan was in hibernation for past 50 months?

        • FuriousNinja

          Yahi apki PML N krti to ek bi comment esa na mlta apka or seedha PTI pr bombardment shuru krdete ap. Ap bi km ni ho.

          • Ali Salman

            Kash meri PMLN hoti :p At least mai government mai hota. Itna sensitive kion ho jati ha aap ki PTI ;)

    • Ali Salman

      This reminds me Iran-Pakistan gas project Zardari govt. signed 4 months before their last tenure in federal govt. They knew PMLN will take the next govt and will not be able to execute it due to sanctions on Iran.

      • Ahmed Habib

        Well said!

  • Ahmed Habib

    Only politics, nothing else. This proved poti leave mentality.

    • Raja Maja

      100% true.

      dont’ you think its a paid Ad to Aamir atta to fool the youth on this blog.

      • Ahmed Habib

        Well, i am saying for sometime now that Aamir aata sold propk and his believes to Imran khan… Only now the name needs to be changed to propti — remember, he is a greedy person.

        • Raja Maja

          100 % True

  • Sehab Khan

    ye sara drama ha, en Sahab ka last four years ma kya achievement ha,
    KP Govt ne jo Achieve kiya wo departments k Heads ne apny approach se kiya,

    • Momin Fakhar

      un ko autonomy di hui hai tou kr rhe hai na, agr udr chori chikari hr khush amdiya shuru ho jaye tou idr b koi kaam na ho. Wo un ka kaam hi ha jo wo kr rhe hain, ehsan ni kr rhe.

      • Ali Salman

        LOL @autonomy.
        A so called independent Police IG ( giving his example as Police is claimed to be the most independent and non-political) gave “hazri” at Bani Gala in which capacity?

        PTI supporters in other provinces knowing nothing about happenings in KPK make big statements, just copy pasting and forwarding without knowing any ground reality.

  • Sehab Khan

    ye KP k Qaim Ali Shah hain ???????

  • Waqas

    Better then Sindh which doing nothing at all.

    • LOL aap aisa kyun nahi kehty k “Better than afghanistan”

    • Ali Salman

      Sindh will be a better benchmark for comparison of KPK govt’s performance, not Punjab ;)

  • akbar khan

    like in 7 months left till end of term? Does he know which year it is?

    and what happened to 300 dams they made as per earlier promise? I think those had to be demolished for planting billion trees!!

    Aamir, in your undying love for PTI you have ended up making more fun of them.

    • Shahid Saleem

      He is just reporting news. When Shahbaz Sharif inaugurates Solar power plants, propakistani reports that, too.

      • ABKhan

        These patwaris are blind bro

    • Raja Maja

      Aaamir atta ko Rs. 500,000/- per article milta hai, bechara aur kai karray.

      yeh youthion ko pagal banay wala blog hai. becharay pagal hojaingay ITNI BIJLI 4000 MW

      • Sheldon Cooper

        itna milta to Ads ki zarorat nahi hoti

    • Ali Salman

      350 , not 300… you bulldozed their 50 dams :(

      Aamir is die hard supporter of PTI, why would you not accept the fact?

      • FuriousNinja

        And as we all know you are a die hard supporter of PML-N xD

        • Ali Salman

          And you will not say anything for my 350 dam comment part? ;)

  • Malik

    Chsnge ur name to proPTI

    • Raja Maja

      True 100%

  • Asma

    Its too late. In dreams only

  • Khan

    SO finally he came out of sleeping after 4 years……But still i m sure nothing will happen in remaining 1 year

    • Raja Maja

      he didn’t came out of sleep, actually this dream was transferred in a dream to the dream of Aamir atta and he recieved the cheque of Rs. 500,000/- and that is how PPPTI blog are written here. To fool the youth.

      • Sindhi

        I think its just 5000. 500000 is too much for this amazing intellectual.

        • Raja Maja

          ha ha ha ,, you mean to say …………Aamir atta intelectual level.

      • Salman Haider

        How do you know Amir Attaa has received a cheque worth 500,000? Do you have any proof for this?

  • 2000 MW Dams will be constructed on Facebook
    1000MW on Youtube

    500MW on Twitter
    and 500MW in dreams

    Best of Luck Khattak

    Jitni bijli KPK mein paida ho sakti ha, mulk k kisi aur province mein nahi,
    lakin dams hum ny election sy 1 week pehly bnany shuru kerny hain, us sy pehly nahi

  • Muhammad Abd al-Hameed

    خیبر حکومت کو اب ہوش آیا ہے۔ چار سال تک کیا کرتے رہے؟ پہلے دن سے کام شروع کرتے تو اب تک بہت کچھ کر چکے ہوتے۔ اس رفتار سے تو ’’نیا پاکستان‘‘ کے لیئے تو پوری صدی درکار ہوگی۔

    • Raja Maja

      meray bhai 300 DAM to pehlay din shuru howay thay woh aap ko nazar arahay hain kia.

      woh 1 Billion tree thay us mein say koi 10 Million nazar rahay hain.

      think out of box, this all making us fool by paying Rs. 500,000/- for this article to Aamir Atta.

      • Talal

        Peshawar ki sarkon k 300 khaddey hon ge wo dam? Mujhe tou bas yahi nazar aey kpk main

    • Ali Salman

      My grand children will witness 350 dams :D

      • Go N Go

        Correction, your 100th generation.

  • Raja Maja

    This is the same fooling politics that PML N and PPP were doing but they got the wisdom tooth now but this PPPTI didn’t took the advice.

    saaly 4 years mein itni bijli bana nahin sakay ke current bhi lag sakay 4000 MW banaigay…………ab to yeh even 400 MW bhi likh dain hum nahin manaingay.

  • Aur Baki Log : 200 300 400 600 700 He Banane Main Lage Hai
    Good KPK !

    • Raja Maja

      yeh 100 aap choor gai, kahein us 100 MW par aap to kaam nahin kar rahay………ha ha ha

  • Muhammad Abd al-Hameed

    میں لاہور میں رہتا ہوں۔ یہاں کسی اخبار یا چینل میں خیبر حکومت کی کارکردگی کی کوئی خبر نہیں آتی۔ جنگل میں مور ناچا، کس نے دیکھا۔ تحریک انصاف کو اپنے صوبہ سے باہر اپنی خبریں دینی چاہیئیں۔

    • Wali Khan

      مور ناچے گا تو خبر دیں گے نہ !

    • Ali Salman

      Bhai abhi Moor kay paar he nahe niklay…chota ha na …just 4 years old :p

    • Aamir

      حیرت ہے کہ آپ اے آر وائی بھی نہیں دیکھتے

      • Muhammad Abd al-Hameed

        ضرور دیکھتا ہوں لیکن ظاہر ہے ہر وقت نہیں۔ تحریک انصاف کو کسی نہیں بتایا کہ نیوزلیٹر بڑا عمدہ ذریعہ ہے دلچسپی رکھنے والوں کو باخبر رکھنے کے لیئے۔

  • Eli Ehsan

    Election Year Projects!!! YAY

    • Wali Khan

      100% agree with you.

      Election Year Projects Announcements (Only).

  • Waqas
    • Burka avenger

      For your information, dawn is not reliable.

      • Waqas

        Just because Dawn published a leaked information doesn’t make it reliable. I believe Dawn did nothing wrong.

    • Ali Salman

      I wish if you would have read this completely. This can not be called a pure KPK government’s job, 2nd 245,000 people will benefit from it ? Are you seriously trying to mention it as an achievement of a government in more than 4 years ?

      Such small projects in those areas communities have completed on their own. But when PTI leaders criticize they portray themselves as heroes who can deliver if given a chance, as if in KPK they have. Failed in a province and dreaming for the federal government.

  • idm af

    Baray bh** kay q*** hain. Election kay nazdeek saray kaam shuru kartay hain.

    • Wali Khan

      Kaam naheen Alaan.

  • Wali Khan

    Political and announcement only, if next government installed these projects PTI will claim that they started it, and if they don’t PTI will claim that current government has stopped their power project on political basis.

    If PTI were so serious why they don’t start it in 1st or 2nd year of their government, now when only 10 months are remaining in their government they have started announcing different projects.

  • Rao Rizwan


    • Ali Salman

      Great ?

      • Ahmed Habib

        He is another “die hard to get money” supporter… Leave him!!! ;)

      • Iron man

        The way things are going. Great isn’t it?

  • Usman Ahmed

    It is to win next election. they can’t complete it in one few month.

    • Nadeem

      What’s happening boy. You don’t seem to come home these days. Have you started visiting by lanes of Karachi? Mom is sick. Please come home.

  • ABKhan

    I love when PTI put patwaris pents on fire. Whenever there is an article about Punjab no Insafian accused this website to be pro PML N. I guess the reason is that most Insafians are educated unlike most patwaris

  • ImranG

    Thora KPK ki baat kya shuru hoi, sab marasi ikathe ho ke aik dosre ko hi sahi kahe ja rahe hain. Chahe 1000 cheezen hi nangi league ki report kar do kabhi in ka bothra shareef nazar nahin aaye ga. Inki gandi soch, munafqat, bad-diyanti aur be-gerti ka alam yeh hai ke andar se saari haqeeqat jante hain yeh un baglol shareefon ki laikin khud ko satisfy karne ke liye dosron pe bhonkna shuru ho jate hain ke g hamara leader tu ganda hai par dosre konse achhe hain.