New Islamabad Airport Can Handle the Biggest Aircraft in the World

Pakistan’s aviation industry is preparing itself to handle the world’s biggest passenger aircraft Airbus A-380. The newly built Islamabad Airport has the capability for landing, taxi-ing and parking of this giant passenger aircraft.

Experts in the aviation industry say that special equipment is required to service the A-380 because it is different in size and technology. It needs special lobe loaders, moveable  conveyor belts, steeps, catering vans, mobile air-condition units, ground power, towing tractor and other such equipment as well.

It is important to mention that after the aircraft itself, aircraft service and handling equipment is the 2nd most expensive thing in the aviation industry. In fact, the equipment to handle and service an A-380 is so expensive, it could cost millions of US dollars. A full set of an A380’s handling equipment can cost as much as a narrow body aircraft does.

‘One aircraft and passenger handling agency ordered the special equipment to handle the Airbus A-380,’ Vice President Syed Haris Raza of Gerrys DNATA Pakistan, told ProPakistani.

Syed Haris Raza told that the new Islamabad Airport is A380-capable and airlines have being told to bring A380 aircraft during the airport’s inauguration.

“We are excited to see this giant aircraft landing on the new Islamabad Airport. For this our company ordered the necessary equipment to service and handle the A380. Staff training is also scheduled,” Syed Haris Raza said.

Experts say that the giant aircraft is not feasible for short and medium flying routes. An A380 needs to fly at least more than 8 hours for optimal and economical results. Gulf-based airlines will not be able to bring it in Pakistan. But Turkish, Singapore and any Far East air carrier can bring an A380 for the inauguration.

  • Turkish Airline has no A380 in its fleet, and Singapore airline didn’t operate in Pakistan and BA suspends its operation in 2009.
    the only left option for A380 is Emirates, but i didn’t think that Emirates operates a daily flight of A380 to Islamabad, because currently Emirates operates a daily flight on 777 but for Karachi airport it makes sense, because from Karachi Airport Emirates operates 6 daily flights so it can convert 2 or 3 flights of 777 to A380.

    • Thai Airways do have A380s. So that could be an option and also Emirates will never miss this limelight opportunity to send one-off A380 during inauguration.

        • but what happened after that, govt didn’t have to spend million of rupees on A380 equipment only for the inauguration purpose, if any of the airline didn’t started the operation of A380 then all the money will be waste, and for regular flights only emirates has the ability.
          Author mentioned in the article that if A380 has 8 hours flights then it will be profitable form, and all the above mention airlines has 4 to 5 hours flights from there hubs to Islamabad :P

          • 8hr logic is a silly thing to say and I can see that this author isnt an aviation enthusiast when he said Turkish Airlines have A380. Do Check out Emirates routes and you will see A380 flying on Shorter routes also. Even on Lahore route, 777 operates daily with 100% booking so they wont waste a minute for Sending A380 daily.

      • Thing is you can’t operate a direct flight from Pakistan to US. It has to land somewhere in Europe first before heading to US

  • why can’t we have a letter from QATARI PRINCE to ask QATAR Airways to send their A380 at inauguration ceremony of Islamabad New Airport

  • Emirates would fly from Dubai to Doha using the A380. So it wouldn’t be problem if the made an inaugural flight to Islamabad! :)

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