These Decades Old Photos of Pakistan Are a Trip Down Memory Lane

A powerful image can take us back in time and also give us better understanding of who we are and where we come form. Vintage photographs can be a voyage of journey and they show so much of how everything looked like back in the days. For some it can bring back many memories of the ‘good old days.’

Today we have compiled the best vintage photos from some of the major cities of Pakistan to show what they looked like.

1. Messy Gate, Rawalpindi in 1970s

2. Frere Hall, Karachi in 1952

3. Outside Dean’s Hotel, Peshawar in 1963

4. Faletti’s Hotel, Lahore in 1950s

5۔ Lahore Railway Station 1886

6. CDA Office, Islamabad

7. Teen Talwar Chowk, Karachi in 1974

8. Khyber Intercontinental Hotel (PC), Peshawar, 1978

9. Railway Lines in Karachi, 1979

10. Regal Chowk, Quetta, 1930s

11. Metropole Hotel, Karachi, 1960’s

12. Tomb of Allama Iqbal, Lahore, 1969

13. Bab-e-Khyber in 1970

14. Bunder Road, Karachi, 1960

15. National Bank, Karachi, 1970s

Did we miss any famous vintage photographs? Let us know in the comments below!