PTCL Introduces CarFi Device for Seamless Internet on the Go [Review]

PTCL has introduced a new internet device that they are calling “PTCL CarFi”.

PTCL CarFi can be plugged into any car without any hassle. It promises seamless high-speed internet while on the roads in over 250 cities across Pakistan.

This cigar-shaped device can become instant hot-spot by just plugging it directly into the cigarette lighter port. Once plugged in, up to five devices can connect to secure hot-spot to get high-speed internet.

Furthermore, the device can also be connected directly to a PC/Laptop as the device package includes a two-way male USB cable. If connected to a PC/Laptop, the device is able to connect a total of 6 users to the internet (1 through USB + 5 through WiFi).

PTCL CarFi Unboxing and Review

Salient features of PTCL CarFi:

  •   Plug-n-Play [email protected] Product – Simply plug into your vehicle cigarette lighter port to create a WiFi hotspot – no installations, no hassle
  • Superior 3G Experience with Speeds upto 9.3 Mbps
  • Connects up to 5 WiFi gadgets simultaneously
  • MicroSD Slot supports upto 32 GB
  • MicroSD Data Sharing Over WiFi (Secure access to folders of choice over WiFi Interface, Users can share documents with colleagues or music & video clips with friends and family)
  • CDMA Rev.A and 1X Fallback
  • Perfect for on-the-go connectivity
  • WiFi Range: 10 Meters (30 feet)
  • USB Port for charging cellphones, tablets etc

PTCL CarFi Pricing

The device is available with 2 options listed below.


  • Social Media bundle include free unlimited use of Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp (text only), Viber (text only), LinkedIn & Soundcloud
  • Both bundle prices include the Device.

Buy PTCL CarFi Online

You can buy PTCL CarFi devices online from here:

  • another attempt to boost their product sale which will be flopped. why use 3G when you already have 4G

    • Much cheaper than their Charji and has free social media. Is there any 4G that provides free social media in 500 rupees for whole month?

        • if speed is as per the video it is more than fine, i dont stream 720p all the time but if it runs youtube 720 then nothing wrong with speed of Peetcl.websites are also opening ok

  • No National Highway No Super Highway Supported : 250 Cities Ki List Bhi Available Nahi :
    Aur to Aur YayVo Wale Sale Kar Rahe Hai :
    Bhai Behtar Hai ZONG Ya TELENOR Ya JAZZ PKR : 2,500 Par Pura Month At Lest 25 GB Plus Package to De Rahy hai Hotspot On Kar K Pura Car Wale Chalaye Baki Mobile Charge Karte Rahy

  • This was a great video, bilal. I don’t know if I’ll need CarFi because Mobile Sims Already 4g de rahi hain. But From your Video, I Got to know about this. ProPakistani Should think about making more videos because lets be frank, nobody likes to read nowadays.

  • I don’t understand who are they fooling? Even with this device, the same EVO network of PTCL is being used which is useless! and I also wonder how PTCL claims to sell 3G/4G devices when they don’t even have a WLL 3G/4G license. CDMA maybe.. but not 3G and/or 4G. Also this device is going to be the same as USB EVO or its variants and performance will be either the same or worse!. They should focus on QOS improvement first.

  • 4000rs pe 15Gb only…we even play dota here, while driving, in the middle of desert…with 20mb speed for 240SAR (around 6000rs) that too “real” unlimited.

    PTCL needs to improve its service, lower the cost and have some professionals at tech support. #PEEEETCL

  • iska matlb agar karachi me in koi hd song download py lagai to sukkur tak download ho jyega.

  • its like their evo wingle but fits directly into car lighter socket as well as works with laptop. i have used with both so far. i am using it for soundcloud in my car and its perfect for that because i can use it unlimited without any charges

  • 1) wifi drains your battery less than 3G/4G – Fact

    2) Try constantly using social media with
    SoundCloud etc and see how fast you burn through your 3G/4G bundle

    3) this is the cheapest unlimited social bundle in 500 per month – Fact

    4) it works in both cars and with laptops etc indoors

    5) try turning your phone into a wifi hotspot with tethering and let’s see how long its battery lasts when a few users connect and use it for a while, this is not a battery powered device so there’s no such issues

    6) video shows speed is fine for streaming and browsing, why are some ppl asking for 25 GB when this this is not a device for downloading torrents :/

    PTCL needs to get it together but you have to give credit where it’s due.

  • Saw this on daraz … I think 4000 for 3 months and 15 GB se behter hai 5000 with 30 GB and 6 months. am using telenor wingle with car adapter in my civic but it’s expensive and hassle and sum times I forget to take it inside house

  • Good job propakistani! Read bout it on PTCL site but was debating to buy before I saw ur video. Keep up the great work and do more unboxing videos

  • PTCL is in money making business,there broadband service is like there carfi flop;unprofessional and hard service. I m waiting for nayatel to come to my city and i will say f*off PTCL.]
    May admin dont publish this post :)

  • device to launch kr d internet bhi thek kar dete to acha hota, free lance bhi nai kar sakte abh to.

  • PTCL forcing there existing customers to switch others by providing worst internet services and devices…

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