Pakistani Student Secures World-Record 66 As in O/A Levels Exams

A Pakistani student from Multan has toppled multiple world records in O/A Levels exams. Hunain Zia has done what many people dream of, following the trails of the likes of Ali Moeen Nawazish, Haroon Tariq and so many other unsung heroes of Pakistan. Hunain has scored 66 As in O/A Levels IGCSE exams.

Although Hunain was aiming to score a century of As, but still 66 As is a huge achievement.

While talking to the media, he said,

“It goes like this. I am aiming to achieve a hundred As in International secondary and advanced qualifications. The only reason is I aim to establish free education in the future!”

Hunain’s Inspiration

When you aim for something and stick to it, you do wonders and that’s what Hunain did.

Talking about his inspiration he said,

“I was a normal student till last year with only 12 A and A* grades and a normal number of subjects.

On the 5 of April last year, however, I lost my best friend due to tragic circumstances. It was a great shock and that left in me a feeling of not being capable enough”.

Records Tumbled

The records he’s made are as below:

  • Maximum appearances in one session (27 days), 45 subjects, 154 papers
  • Highest hours of constant examinations (19)
  • Most A*/A/a grades in one session
  • Most A*/A/a grades in one year
  • Most hours of constant examination
  • Overall 42 A*/A/a grades

Future Endeavors

Hunain is an aspiring social worker and aims to spend his energies for the country. He says,

“I announce that within the next 4 years Inshallah, we will start 4 major and 3 minor projects in Pakistan designed to help every stratum of the society.

A free education and youth support are our two main aims. We have already launched the first registered Talent Hunt of Pakistan with its official page”.

It is indeed a moment of great joy and pride for all of us and we sincerely hope that Husnain continues the good work.

Feature Writer

    • oh just shut up! What a waste of time, energy, and precious money on a stupid world record! This candidate is literally mentally ill and needs a mental checkup for having 52 As scored in his examinations

  • >Hunain is an aspiring social worker and aims to spend his energies for the country.

    How can someone so smart be so dumb? People don’t study for British exams to stay in Pakistan. They do it to emigrate to western countries. He should leave. He will never achieve his true potential in this country. I hope his parents talk some sense into him.

    • Once Yousuf Raza Gilani was interviewed and asked about the brain drain, he replied, “They can go, who is stopping them?”

      Imran Khan replied with his actions “ME”

      “Mera Khuaab hai, ALLAH Pakistan ko wo mulk banaye jaha Bahar k log Nokriya dhondhne aye”

      Hum Dekhenge
      Lazim Hai K Hum Bhi Dekhenge!

      • Gilani was absolutely spot on. Pakistan is not North Korea or China to restrict the free movement of its citizens. It is only because of the bullshit false bravado culture of Pakistan that people decried what Gilani said. People in Pakistan would prefer the PM to lie to the rest of the world about the state of the country.

        Gilani was correct to state that if you can find better opportunities abroad then you should go abroad. Not only do you benefit personally you also help the country with your remittances. It doesn’t help the country at all if people can’t meet their full potential because they are forced to live here. That only breeds resentment and, eventually, violence.

    • Dear I studied in Pakistan, got top positions in various exams, traveled for work training and development to almost 30 countries. Various multinationals have spent over 15 millions dollars on my training in USA and Europe.
      Half my family has US passports since 1950s, and others have various European passports since half century.
      But I have chosen to keep my Pakistani passport, and and have no others, nor plan to apply for any others, despite qualifying for almost all countries which offer it.
      I am a top level executive in one of the top multinationals in the world, having managed regions with more than 20 countries reporting to me.
      I have now been working abroad for around 20 years.
      If Imran wins again in KPK, and hopefully in center, I will return to Pakistan with my family, and work to give back to Pakistan. However, I will not go back to my home city Karachi, but move all my home and family to KPK.
      I am because Pakistan is.
      If you cannot understand that, its probably you have not lived abroad.

  • If education is the aim why not join hands with TCF or Alif Ailan. Why do we reinvent the wheel and divide the energy and resources?

  • i dont believe remembering something and geeting good marls is a good thing…he should do something which could make millions more powerful or happy fulfilled.

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