Tourism Industry Contributed 7% to Total GDP This Year

In the past one year, Pakistan has seen a sharp increase in its tourism industry. A lot of credit for which should be given to the internet. It has contributed a great deal to the development and growth of the tourism industry in Pakistan.

According to Jovago, the top hotel booking and e-commerce site in Pakistan, there has been a huge increase in the annual tourism rate and business traveling in Pakistan.

Travel and tourism contributed to 7% of the total GDP. The GDP growth rate of Pakistan is expected to grow by 5.3% every year for the next 10 years.

Back in 2015, the tourism industry was able to generate $1 billion rupees. It furthermore attracted 1.04 million foreign tourists.

Technology had a great impact on Pakistan’s hospitality, travel & tourism sector, The country has witnessed an increase in annual tourism, travel and business travel spending, according to Jovago research report on Pakistan hospitality industry.

It was predicted that by 2017 Pakistan’s economy would be the fastest growing economy in the Muslim world which would put them ahead of Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, and Turkey.

Tourism has created a lot of jobs. It has contributed a total of 6.2% when it comes to employment statistics. The total number of jobs created by the tourism industry across the country is 1,429,500.

More hotels than ever were booked this year. The occupancy rate of hotels increased from 35% to a whopping 80%. Gwadar airport received the highest number of passengers compared to all the airports in the country. The increase is a number of passengers were 73% which has led Gwadar authorities to start building new hotels. It is predicted that 10 major hotel chains will be landing in Pakistan very soon.

Growth in Business and leisure travel

Traveling due to commercial purpose was supposed to grow by 6.5% in 2016. It is now expected to grow by 5.6% every year.

As for leisure traveling, it was expected to grow by 2.7% in 2016 and is now expected to grow by 5.4% annually.

It is predicted that Pakistan’s Hospitality, Travel & Tourism industry has a bright future and would help in creating many job opportunities and contribute more to the GDP in the coming years and would help in improving Pakistan’s image in the world.

Via Research Snippers

  • You know how the tourism industry will further grow ? It will happen with the decrease in terrorism. The main obstacle in the way of growth of tourism is terrorism. Situation has improved in the last couple of years.

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