Government Approves Funding for Five New Colleges in Rawalpindi Division

Punjab government has launched a new project to construct five girls and boys colleges in the Rawalpindi Division to address the admission problem in the region.

Under the project, five new colleges would be constructed, while four new classrooms would be constructed in older colleges to cover for the deficiency of space for students. The government is planning to be spend around Rs. 371.6 million on the project, while the funds have already been allocated during the provincial budget.

According to sources, funds would be released in September. Around Rs. 60 million would be spent on the construction of a new block in Government Post Graduate Girls College Satellite Town, Rs. 408.7 million will be spent on the construction of New Degree College in Chak Beli Khan, while Rs. 306.6 million  would be spent on the construction of Girls College in Mandra area of Rawalpindi division.

Around Rs. 50 million are to be spent on the construction of Girls College in Dhamiyal RWP, while Rs. 403. 7 million wound be spent on the construction of Girls Degree College in Gujar Khan. Rs. 303.2 million would be spent on the construction of Degree College in Chakwal, while Rs. 403. Million are allocated for Girls Degree College in Jhelum. Another Rs. 308 million would be spent for the construction of a college in Hassanabdal.

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    Majority Main Government K Kisi Bhi Project Main Renovation Ka Koi Concept Hota He Nahi Hai :
    Her Project Ko 365 K Din K Bad Kuch Na Kuch Renovation Ki Zarorat Pharti Hai :

  • totally useless!!! they should have invested in a single huge school and college and should have made american standard learning everything and have buses pickup students from across rawalpindi ….this little investment has been done hundred of times before but nothing good reap

  • H9 college is so big that it can accommodate 10000+ students….but due to no class rooms less than few hundreds get admission and only on merit bases and many are left out….and govt is happy making cricket stadiums to take them away from studies… they should make extra rooms and departments in current schools and colleges and make them atleast 3 story buildings…which would help a lot

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