Oil Tankers Strike Called off

There is no strike of Oil Tankers Association today. Petroleum supplies are as usual.

This was decided in a meeting with Governor Sindh Muhammad Zubair and Oil Tanker Owners Association and Oil Tanker Contractor Association, who met with and on the assurance of the Sindh Governor, decided to call off the strike due on Monday 21, 2017.

During the meeting both associations highlighted the issues related to various departments. They presented a list grievances against Sales Tax, Motor way Police, Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority, Pakistan State Oil and other departments.

Governor Sindh assured the delegation that all related matters will be resolved via dialogue. There is no need to go on strike and disturb public life and economy, he added.

Muhammad Zubair asked the Prime Minister’s Economic Adviser Miftha Ismail to look over all the issues and resolve them as soon as possible.

Miftha Ismail invited the Oil Tanker Associations on Tuesday for further discussions.

After the discussion, President Oil Tanker Contractor Association Ismail Babar told that their association was not in favor of a strike.

“We believe that all the matters will be resolved on table. We demand time for Land and Axle upgradration ” Baber added.

Transports Divided on Strike

Oil Tanker Owner Association, Oil Tanker Contractor Association and other related associations were called to discuss the strike matter.

Oil Tanker Owner Association’s Yousaf Shawani was in favor to go on strike and stop petroleum supplies all over Pakistan.

Oil Tanker Contractor Association President Ismail Babar opposed the strike and called for restraint.

Due to this split in opinion, no consensus was reached on how to handle the situation.

Panic Buying

Due to the announcement of Oil tankers strike, panic buying of petroleum products was seen in Karachi on Sunday. Long queue of cars were seen on petrol pumps.

At 9 PM on Sunday, some TV channels flashed the news that tomorrow Oil Tanker Strike could go ahead on schedule. This added up in panic and people rushed to pumps. Many pumps also shut down due to the product being sold out.

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