Rs. 93 Billion in Irregularities Found in Pakistan Railways

The Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) has detected misappropriation, irregularities, mismanagement and operational inefficiencies of over Rs 93 billion in the Pakistan Railways.

The audit report on the accounts of Pakistan Railways for the year 2016-17 revealed 12 cases of theft of Railways material valued at Rs 178 million. The report noted that Railways land worth of Rs 68.071 billion has been encroached as well.

The AGP recommended that Director Property and Land should make arrangements in collaboration with the Inspector General Railway Police. This is needed for retrieval of all encroachments, executing agreements with the occupants for recovery of cost of land/rental charges besides taking necessary corrective action in respect of all the deficiencies regarding the title of land.

Each case of embezzlement of Railway revenue, shortage and theft of material should be investigated at an appropriate level for fixing of responsibility and taking remedial measures to avoid recurrence.

The report pointed out that PSDP funds amounting to Rs 14.715 billion were not utilized by the Railways management while the recoverable amount remained Rs 3.887 billion.

The report detected various financial irregularities valued to the tune of Rs 2.622 billion during audit of Project of Rehabilitation of Signaling System (LON-SDR). It noticed blockage of Rs 1.24 billion in capital due to non-disposal of scrap material. Short recovery of Rs 480.08 million on account of electricity charges was also pointed out in the report.

The report observed that an amount of Rs 302.49 million was paid as overtime allowance without any justification while loss on account of theft/deficiency of material worth Rs 132.72 million was observed.

PR sustained a loss of Rs 123.81 million on account of burning and damages of rolling stock. Due to negligence of management, Pakistan Railways suffered a loss of Rs 33.49 million due to leasing out of Railway land at cheap rates.

The report observed unauthorized mutation of Railway land worth Rs 39.06 million while 13 contract employees were promoted irregularly and financial benefits of higher scale amounting to Rs 18.87 million were extended to them.

An amount of Rs 9.75 million was not recovered on account of LD charges. Further irregular/ unauthorized depositing of Railway earnings in private account amounting to Rs 7.92 million was observed while in seven cases auditable record was not provided for audit scrutiny.

    • You do not have even the slightest idea of improvement in Railway during tenure of this “badmash” you are commenting without reading the article or knowing the fact that big area of encroached land of Railways is recovered during the tenure of this “badmash”.

      If you hate someone for his political affiliation do not label him badmash or patwari showing your own intellect and inability to make some positive discussion. Hassan Nisar, Aamir Liaqat and some ARY part time achors are enough for this.

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