Oil Transporters & Govt Begin Negotiations to Solve Issues

Federal government has started discussions with oil transporters in order to resolve their issues.

In the first round of discussions, the government agreed and promised to provide relief on 3 out of 22 demands made by the oil transporters’ associations.

Prime Minister’s Adviser on Economic Affairs Miftha Ismail presided over the meeting. Senior government officials and oil transporters were also present in the meeting. Oil Tanker Contractor Association (OTCA) President Babar Ismail and Oil Tanker Owner Association (OTOA) Chairman Mir Yousaf Shawani lead their delegations.

The meeting lasted 3 hours during which all issues related to oil transporters were discussed.

Government and oil transporters agreed to resolve the all issues on the table. Furthermore, they agreed that there will be no strike, protest or stoppage in oil supplies.

Miftha Ismail assured the oil transporters that till Monday all matters will be resolved. They said that the 22 demands made by the oil transporters don’t just involve the federal government but also provincial, local governments, regulatory authority, and other departments.

As a gesture of goodwill, Miftha Ismali agreed to fulfill 3 basic demands of oil transporters. They are as follows:

  1. National Highway Authority will not strictly implement express standards and not issue challan on this matter.
  2. Implementation on provinces’ sales tax on transport services will be deferred till further order.
  3. Oil Marketing Companies will pay dues to the transporters as soon as possible.

After the meeting OTCA president Babar Ismail told ProPakistani that the meeting was held in a very cordial manner. Miftha Ismail listened to oil transporters’ grievances and agreed to resolve their issues as soon as possible. He agreed not to take any decision in a hurry but promised to resolve all matters before Monday next week.

“We presented about 22 demands. On each demand, transporters provided their opinion and hardships faced by this sector.” Babar Ismail said.

President OTCA also told that they stand with the government for economic prosperity. They vowed that the supply of petroleum products from Karachi to Khyber will be assured. He also said that millions of Pakistanis are related to the oil transportation business.

A senior official told ProPakistani that there is split between the transporters’ associations and that OTCA has a very soft tone  and agreed to resolve the issues. However, on the other hand, OTOA was taking a hard line.

  • What negotiaytions, with these blackmailer.
    On a 20 ton capacity truck they want freedom to load 40 tons break all safety regulations as the vehicle cannot brake and stop in specified distance nor it can climb normal slopes unless in 1st gear ghwayence delaying all traffic behind it.
    This overloading damages all the roads and makes tracks on the Highways and wastes the tax payers money.
    Is another person like Mr. BILOUR who destroyed the RAILWAYS now Incincherge of negotiations to destry the HIGHWAYS.
    Will we ecer learn to be HONEST.

  • The end of tanker blackmail is not difficult. There is already a pipeline network for carrying oil products. Expand it to cover all parts of the country. Using pipelines will not only save time and wastage but also cause huge savings in transport. Give a deadline to oil companies. If they fail to meet it, fine them per day basis. If still there is delay, suspend the license of the defaulter companies.

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