Axact Assistant Vice President Gets 21 Months Jail, $5.3 Million Fine

Umair Hamid, Assistant Vice President for International Relations at Axact, was recently sentenced to 21 months in prison for his role in an international diploma mill scheme operated through the Pakistani company, by the Acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York Joon H.Kim.

He has also been fined about $5.3 million for the offense.

The Attorney said,

Umair Hamid and Axact operated a massive diploma mill that preyed on consumers who thought their tuition would pay for a college education. Instead, Hamid provided victims with worthless fake diplomas. Defendants like Hamid who profit from fake schools face very penalties, including prison time

Hamid was charged guilty on April 6th, 2017 for the crime he committed.

The court documents revealed that Hamid helped run a massive diploma mill with the help of the self proclaimed “world’s leading information technology company” Axact.

Fake Degrees Sold to US Students

Hamid along with his co-conspirators, misled people around the world and the U.S. into enrolling in fake high schools, colleges and universities. Consumers agreed to their offer and expected to receive diplomas and legitimate degrees in the end but they received worthless diplomas.

Hamid, who was working as Axact’s Assistant Vice President in the department of International Relations, co-operated with Axact in conducting this fraud in different parts of United States.

In May 2015, many individuals working in the company to conduct the fraud were arrested by Pakistani authorities however Hamid managed to escape and kept going on with his work.

Along with his prison term, Hamid was ordered to forfeit $5,303,020.

Axact Fake Degrees Scandal

This whole mess started back in 2015 when the New York Times published a report alleging that Axact was involved in selling fake degrees and diplomas to students.

Following the accusation, FIA moved in arresting employees and confiscating hardware.

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    • According to known Barrister Zahid Jameel,

      1- Case against AXACT was very “Tagraa”.
      2- Solid evidences weren’t made part of challan presented in court.
      3- He separated himself from the case for some “unknown” reasons ;)

      No one can shut down BOL or AXACT as they have blessings of those who actually run Pakistan, are bit sensitive, little egoistic and “disciplined”.

      Some PTI friends like BOL for one reason, it is so anti-PMLN and Nawaz but aren’t you indirectly favoring efforts for money laundering, international frauds that defamed Pakistan ? Will you favor something that came from #haramkikamai

  • According to ‘Daily Pakistan’ , ”Pakistan Today” and ‘Geo News’, it’s 21 Months Not 21 Years.

      • That was a rude answer and instead of asking me to google you should put the link of the story in the first place… It was your incompetency..

    • You mean to say that on CV if you find a mentioning of degree from hundreds of fake “universities” run by Axact/BOL ?

      • If I see a CV whereby a person has worked at AXACT/BOL ever it is a strike one – if that person has stayed with AXACT/BOL after the NYTimes exposure, the CV is deleted and the candidate is blacklisted for life.

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