JS Bank Launches Pakistan’s First Mobile Based Biometric Solution

The first ever mobile based biometric solution, named Instascan, has been launched in Pakistan, mainly for the verification of customers using services of branchless banking.

The solution has been designed by Paysys Labs especially for the service JCash, JS Bank’s branchless banking.  The Instascan solution extracts the biometric data from the finger and sends it to NADRA for real-time authentication.

The mobile based touchless biometric solution has been integrated with JS Bank’s branchless banking mobile application to biometrically verify customers for over the counter (OTC) transactions.

JCash customers can now avail higher limits of PKR 50,000 for domestic remittances. Agents can easily verify customers sending or receiving domestic remittances by simply taking a picture of their finger.

About the Technology

This breakthrough solution is powered by Diamond Fortress Technologies Inc., which converts standard smartphone cameras into high-quality fingerprint sensors without any additional hardware.

The solution enables financial service providers to easily incorporate biometric authentication through open APIs, without having to incur the expense of developing purpose-built hardware and concerning themselves with form factor redesigns.

This reduces cost and integration time so that they can get the solution in the hands of end-users faster as compared to typical hardware based touch sensors.

Furthermore, riding on this sizable smartphone penetration in Pakistan, financial service providers can now take onboard more customers without having to invest in capital, in terms of hardware and branches in remote areas.

The solution facilitates everything from opening bank accounts, mobile wallets to providing proof-of-life for pension disbursement, they can all be now facilitated without the customer having to physically be present in the branch.

The Ceremony

In this regard, the signing ceremony between JS Bank & Paysys Labs was attended by Mr. Imran Soomro, Chief Information Officer, JS Bank, Mr. Khurram Shaikh, Chief Digital Officer, JS Bank, and Mr. Karim Jindani, Chief Executive Officer of Paysys Labs Private Limited.


Speaking on the occasion, Khurram Shaikh said,

“JS Bank is pleased to be the first bank in Pakistan to introduce the mobile-based biometric authentication technology which will cater to our banking customers’ needs by providing a much more convenient way to authenticate themselves and avail our banking services instantly.”

Karim Jindani, Chief Executive Officer of Paysys Labs commented:

“We strongly believe that secure & friction-less identity verification is one of the major challenges in digital financial services space in Pakistan today. The biometric ID verification solution, Instascan, will provide financial service providers a seamless and purely digital onboarding process that can be used to authenticate and verify potential customers anywhere and at any time.”

    • I think this is more secure then local biometric tablet devices. I have experience working with both Paysys and local tablets. Cost effective, most robust and directly integrated with NADRA. Just loved Paysys !

  • question is how mobile camera turn into finger print sensor, finger print sensors usually have high dpi

        • This is the job of paysys lib to prepare maniture finger template strong enough to be matchable by Nadra, you really don’t need to worry.

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