Punjab Food Authority Has Raided 12,000 Food Outlets in 2017

The food inspectors in Punjab have been at work lately.

They went around 16,000 restaurants and other places that served food to inspect their hygienic condition. The results were shocking to say the least as the inspectors from Punjab Food Authority charged 12,000 of these places of having unhygienic cooking conditions and guilty of adulteration.

Punjab Food Authority Continues to Carry Out Raids

Furthermore 90,000 food points were checked all over Punjab. This is an exponential increase from the 20,000 places checked last year.

54,000 of these places did not meet their standards and were issued reformatory notices. It was made sure that all these reforms were implemented.

Food Outlets Shut Down

They even shut down 153 of the food outlets which were substandard as reported by Punjab Food Authority. There were 15 cases reported against the shop owners selling substandard food products.

PFA checked 90,000 food outlets this year.

Another 2000 food places were shut down because of the unhygienic conditions and a Rs 60 million fine was imposed on the shopkeepers. The PFA officials made sure that all the places implemented the rules of health and safety and reformed accordingly.

Concluding Thoughts

It is heartening to see the progress made by a provincial food watchdog when it comes to upholding the people’s health. The PFA model should be emulated by other provinces in order to safeguard public health and to raise the standards at eateries situated in other parts of the country as well.

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