Breaking: Xiaomi is Opening its First Physical Store in Pakistan Today

Nothing like a good news to start your day.

Xiaomi is reportedly preparing to reveal its first physical store in Pakistan. The company’s presence till now has been either as an online store or at select Zong dealerships and customer care centers.

Need For Offline Presence

A dedicated physical store is a necessity in Pakistan. Despite the increasing penetration of e-commerce sector in the country, people are still cautious about buying anything online.

Most of Xiaomi’s competitors (Huawei, Oppo etc) have brick and mortar stores and an extensive presence in Pakistan which makes Xiaomi’s move all the more important.

Based in Faisalabad

This was announced by Xiaomi Pakistan’s official Facebook page:

The post mentions that the store will be located in Faisalabad and will be unveiled at 7 pm tonight. This store is also just the first of many that Xiaomi has planned to launch in Pakistan.

According to the Google Maps, the store appears to be located between Sitara Mall and Galaxy Mall in D Ground, Faisalabad.

Mi 6, Mi Max 2 and Eco-Products Launched

This seems to be the perfect time to launch a dedicated store for Xiaomi’s products. The Chinese smartphone maker recently launched its flagship Mi 6 smartphone in Pakistan. This was followed up by the Mi Max 2 and a whole bunch of eco-products.

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You can buy these phones and eco-products at or at various online retailers.

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  • Google Map mentioned location is wrong. It is besides Bombino Store. Although actual location is just a 100 meter away from Google Map location.

  • interesting choice of city for opening store normally companies start with Lahore, Karachi .. good luck to Xiaomi and good move indeed

      • Out of 4 partners of Xiaomi Pakistan one is from Faisalabad, i guess he thought not only about distribution of Xiaomi products but also owning a store as well.

      • U, urself is from Faisalabad that’s why u said that. If u were from Karachi, ur reaction would be the same as Aafaaq Ali Khan.

        • Nahin bhai. Hamyn aadat ho gai hai Lahore aur Karachi ka bacha hua khanay ki. Ek baar aap bhi kha k dekh lo kaosay lagta hai.

    • Yes, Faisalabad, a location for its first physical store in whole Pakistan is kind of a curious choice!
      Perhaps they’ve opened it just for evaluation purpose and isn’t ready for a prime time with BIG crowds!

  • Their warehouse is in Faisalabad i order mi band its also comes from Faisalabad so its easily for them to open in Faisalabad but sales will be low at that place Karachi Lahore will be best place

    • Their sale is not at all only in Karachi and Lahore. They need and will expand all over the country and Faisalabad is only behind these 2 cities. So their is nothing wrong in opening first in Faisalabad even their second store in Faisalabad is getting ready for opening at katchehri Bazar. Lahories and Karachiites are just becoming jelous this time. Nothing else.

      And let me tell you that their next stores are opening at Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Quetta and Sargodha etc. Still no store is in pipelines for Karachi and Lahore.

      • Jealous ??? This is 2017 who goes to stores i order mi products on their website and many other people are doing same store in the city or no store

      • This is not the reason. The truth is… We all don’t know the reason. Lol.. so stop blaming and criticizing, no one is jealous of nothing. Faisalabad is in Pakistan so opening a store there means they are physically here which is a good sign. The complexity of Chinese can never be guessed, imagined, thought or dreamed off. You never know whats in their mind dudes.. :P

    • Same difference which is in xiaomi and mi. Xiaomi is a company name and mi is brand name.

        • The price issue is due to 2 things compared to what you see in china/internationally.
          1.Higher taxes in pakistan
          2.Distributor based retail here, the reason they have low prices at other places is that they directly sell products to consumers directly from factory , i.e no profits of distributor, shop keepers etc.

  • Hi, everyone! I work for Xiaomi and some blogs (XiaomiToday, The Phone Talks) as an admin and tech writer. Let me confirm this that Xiaomi isn’t official in Pakistan. These are third parties which are selling Xiaomi products for expensive price. Mi 6 starting price is $360 and in Pakistan third parties sell it over $400. Same is the case for Redmi 4 and Redmi Note 4. Xiaomi sells products online via You can see which countries are official there directly with Xiaomi. The third parties partner with local repair companies like smart technology to claim the insurance. Former international Vice president of Xiaomi Hugo Barra made the international map for Xiaomi for the upcoming 2018 and Pakistan was nowhere to be found. So please stop saying Xiaomi is in Pakistan.
    I don’t know a great website like this one can write something irrelevant like this. At least mention the third parties are selling. Mi Pakistan website is fake with third parties selling Xiaomi products. If it was official then Xiaomi would officially sell products for the right price. And if it was, Lei Jun would have announced Xiaomi arrival in Pakistan like he did for India.
    The third parties saw how people were desperate for using Xiaomi products and they just made their move…….
    Third parties are also in Bangladesh, Japan, Thailand but they have officially partnered with Xiaomi and they sell Xiaomi phones for the best possible price as per Xiaomi terms…..Thanks for listening.

  • Their warehouse is in Faisalabad, this seems a wise decision to maintain supply and demand

    I got 2 x Mi Power Bank 2, 10000 mAh at half price i.e. 950 during the flash sale! Great product, no complains so far, been using Redmi Note 4 for about 6 months now!! No doubt that Xiaomi is AWESOME!!

    People in Islamabad : Visit Zong Service Centre in Blue Area, they have Official stall in the centre at same prices as online, official website is mistore(dot)pk

    • i visited zong office in blue area isb few weeks ago. the specs card for
      mi note 4 had “warranty: software only” written on it. i asked the
      sales person and he confirmed that warranty is for software, not
      hardware. so i did not buy it. if company/distributor is not confident
      of its quality and reliability then why should i be? also mi’s redmi
      series in india has dead pixel and mic issue. you can search for it on
      google. it is quite possible the same issue also exists here that’s why
      they are not giving warranty for hardware.

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