The Worst Storm in Years Has Ravaged Karachi [Pictures]

A couple of months ago it rained in Islamabad, so much that it practically flooded the city. As we all know, Islamabad is one of the more planned out cities of the country.

Now imagine what could happen if the same kind of rains came to Karachi. That is exactly what happened on Wednesday and today when the rain along with strong winds took over the city late on Wednesday.


Till now, the rain has caused 12 deaths; 7 of these casualties were caused by electrocution while the rest were due to roof collapse in various parts of the city.

Electricity has been suspended in many areas of the city due to tripping in power grid stations and schools in the city have been suspended till further notice because of the conditions of the roads.

Roads and railway stations have been greatly affected which has caused a lot of inconvenience for the people as a lot of them were on their way to return to their homes for on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha this weekend.

A spokesperson from the Met Dept has said that heavy rainfalls may result in urban flooding in Karachi, Hyderabad, and Mirpur Khas divisions on Thursday and Friday.

National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has advised all concerned departments to send out a message to alert people.

Another problem faced by the people of Karachi is that the water drains are filled with garbage which is blocking the flow of water.

“Karachi needs a new sewerage system; the present system has been completely destroyed,” Akhtar said.

Here’s how the things currently look like in Karachi, and they are devastating:

People have been very active on social media and sharing the Karachi’s situation and here are some videos which will give you an idea as to how bad the situation really is:

We hope that the authorities act on this soon and resolve the issue which is causing problems to thousands of Karachiites.

  • Not the worst i’ve seen. Lahore becomes just the same. And this is a fine example of bad governance, and not spending anything on ‘actually beneficial’ things. For example. in Lahore, whenever they have made new streets/roads, they have NEVER improved the sewage system. Because how else they are going to rebuild those roads again, if they aren’t destroyed by such floods and all.

      • Meri jan kabhi aao na Model Town, Badami Bagh, Shad Bagh, inside Lahore etc etc … and these are a very few examples. As compared to 2 years ago, this year or last year was easier to Lahori awaam. But when sh*t gets real, the situation is just the same as you’re seeing now in Karachi. And it’s not like UAE, or European counties where these type of things get solved quickly and efficiently. It takes DAYS to clear our just a feet of water from streets.

        • Sir Badami bagh or Shad bagh ka tu pata nai but i have visited Model town, Gulberg, Town Ship, Johar Town, Multan Road area (Samanabad, Sabazazar, Gulshan-e-Ravi) etc…. during and after rain. I never see cars fully drowned in water after rain. Yes much improvement is required in Gaddafi Stadium and Laskhmi chowk area, but things not get worst here as we are viewing in Karachi.

          • I’m not sure how many rains you have seen, or have experienced, but clearly you haven’t seen enough. I’ve seen those underpasses at Canal Road filled to the top with water. Heck, one time i almost accidentally slipped into one on my motorcycle. My worse nightmare, going to work on a motorcycle, and getting drowned in waste height water (on a CG125). But hey, somebody loves the floods. Dear Mr Shahbaz Shareef. Afterall, he has to take pics in long boots, inside water, right?

            This Karachi situation is hardly something new or unique as it’s been presented. It been happening as far as can remember.

  • We need to understand one thing that man proposes and God disposes. When you see a developed city like Houston 70% under water due to hurricane Harvey so much so that levees have broken, whole homes are under water, highways submerged, bridges collapsed: then you realize that you can’t take God’s wrath easy. And Houston got 4.3 feet of rain. Yes you read it right. Its “feet” not the “inches which makes our cities swimming pools”

    The major difference however is that in developed cities, water recedes much quicker than our cities. Secondly thanks to better overall infrastructure specially electric wires, better drainage etc, death toll keeps in control. So far 31 people died in Houston and yes due to a category 4 hurricane.

    We have never witnessed a hurricane in Pakistan I reckon, God for bid, if we were to witness category 4 hurricane even with 2 feet rain here in Karachi and lahore, whole streets will be under 20 feet water at least with hundreds killings.. Even in Karachi these days, most deaths are due to electrocution. Its the infrastructure that sucks here. I am living in Model town Lahore for last 27 years and it takes 3-4 hours heavy rains to flood streets here and yes its a posh area and even that sucks. Inside Lahore is a bye bye. Also I lived in Houston for 7 years and I have seen roads flooding in 4 hours of heavy rains but then their receding system is much better than ours. Plus emergency response, evacuations, shelters etc. We unfortunately have no plans nor we plan to improve.

    But yes we do wear long black boots with Indiana Johns hat while we roam the flooded areas in land cruisers.

  • Every year its the “worst” storm. The government should get their sh*t together. It has become routine now that it will rain, people will die, the streets will be flooded, there will be loadshedding,, trees will fall etc.

    • Exactly.
      Not even one rupee is spent on pre-disaster preparation. Even if is being spent we don’t know where the ef it goes.

  • is ma gormit ka khya qasoor ha……………jo darkhat giray ha in ko arrest ker ka jail ma dal dia ja aur mujhya yeh bataya ja mujhay khyon niklaa……………
    Ik choor ka bayan…………………

    • Infrastructure khara krna govt ka kaam hai.
      Agar infrastructure sahi hota to ye halat na hoti roads aur naaloun ki.

  • Yeh saara blame poor governance ko detey hain, per yeh awaam khud apni ghaltiya nahi dekhti… Garbage main road per phenk deite hain. har 50 feet k fasley per kachra kundi banadi jati hai.. ghar build hotey hai tho galiya choti aur sawerage ka nizaam kharab kardeitein hain. ghar ka kachra khud sewerage lines aur naalo main bhar deite hain. phir blame sub mil kr government per daal dete hain. Apne National Rights lene k liye tho nikla inlougo se jata nahi.

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