Facebook Is Testing Features To Help You Make New Friends

Facebook has introduced a new feature for uniting you with your old friends as well as providing you a chance to make new ones.

The new feature will provide you with the following benefits:

  • It will let you have a closer look at your friends’ buddies.
  • It will also point out the common things you have with your old friends. This particular feature will help you re-establish connections with the friends with whom you haven’t interacted in a while.

“Get To Know” Feature

This option is a wider and vast version of “people you may know”. Previously, by clicking “people you may know”, you were only able to search for mutual friends.

Now through “Get to know” option you will be able to search for people who have the same interests as yours. You will be able to view events you both attended, Page that you both like and similar places.

“Discover People”

Facebook has introduced a “Discover People” feature which will enable you to find new connections mainly through groups and events. The friend cards are the same here, but this roll out throws them into a wider feature release.

Moreover, a Tinder-like feature has been introduced in Facebook Messenger which will help users to connect if they are willing to hang out with each other. Though, this feature is a little unusual as you would have to open the app to visit the other person’s profile.

It is to be noted that the main focus of this particular feature is to spread friendships rather than to serve as a dating platform.

Via TechCrunch

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