This is How Pakistan is Reacting to The Return of Cricket

World XI may have lost the first match, but they’ve won millions of hearts. They will remember the roars which welcomed them when they stepped out on the field.

The atmosphere was electric and every Pakistani was overjoyed and overwhelmed.

The unique welcome was captivating – the World XI squad entered the ground in the traditionally designed rickshaws.

Lovely scenes, pictures we’ve waited so long to see!

The social media has responded brilliantly to the World XI tour and everyone’s thanking the players for their kind gesture. The series is already being regarded as ‘much more than a cricket series’ by the cricket circles and even by the political leaders.

Most of the games begin with the national anthems of the participating teams, but last night was special – ‘Pak Sarzameen Shaadbaad‘ gave the nation goosebumps, literally.

People have opened their hearts and expressed their feelings towards the long-awaited cricket revival in Pakistan on the social media.

Here’s what they had to say.

Let’s start with our favorite bhabhi

It sure was an unbelievable feeling as the National cricketer Nain Abidi tweets,

The successful hosting of such a high-profile match portrays Pakistan as a peace-loving and, of course, a cricket-loving country.

Its a long and hard road, but hopefully, we can get there.

No matter whether we lose or win, cricket wins, Pakistan wins.

Former Indian cricketer, Mohamad Kaif, termed this match as ‘much-needed’.

Pakistan tells the world that they do not fear terrorism, they want to get rid of the evil. International cricket helps, for sure.

Even Indians were gracious with their words, wishing best of luck to Pakistan.

Let’s hope everything goes smoothly and this becomes the beginning of a dream come true.

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