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Boxer Amir Khan Leaves Pakistan After His $100,000 Academy Gets Shut Down

Former world light-welterweight champion Amir Khan lamented upon his academy getting closed in Islamabad.

The Pakistani boxer made a video and lamented, “I keep coming to Pakistan; initially, there was an academy here. Now, children message me that they need training and boxing classes. Why isn’t there boxing in Pakistan? I’ve spoken to officials and the government, but nothing happened. My gym was brand new and very clean, but it got shut down. I’m in Pakistan; tomorrow I’m going to England, and I’m very disappointed. I’m very upset that over a hundred thousand dollars I spent on the gym is now wasted.”

Amir emphasized that he needed help from the government to vacate the FC officials from the premises of the academy otherwise the dream of young boxers and his efforts to support them would go in vain.

He inaugurated his Boxing Academy in Islamabad near the premises of Pakistan Sports Complex in 2016, hoping it would nourish young boxers and produce champions for the country.

In 2016, the Director General Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) Akhtar Nawaz Ganjera confirmed that a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed with Amir Khan for the academy.

Under the agreement, Amir would provide coaches and boxing equipment for the academy, while PSB would extend all necessary support to run it efficiently.

He will return to England after getting no support from the government in this matter and is likely to use legal action in the future to get his boxing academy back so that the youngsters can train there in the future.

  • hundred thousand dollars is 1000$, it’s 100000$… fix yo mistake in this blog pro pakistani team…

      • well they fixed it… thousand dollars aur hundred thousand dollars main faraq hota hah… aap jonse school gaye hain uske teacher ka sir phaar k aeen jisne aisa jahil knowledge diya aapko… :)

      • Sharam anni chahiya hai jahil woh nai jahil tum ho jo itni si baat ko pakar li but actually couldn’t understand the point of view.

    • Should have opened it in Balochistan and/or in Karachi as a lot of Balochis’ do prefer Football & Boxing.Islamabad only has “Burger” kids of elite families in it.

  • بڑا شوق ہوتا ہے نا اس ملک کے لیے کچھ کرنے کا،
    یہی انجام ہوتا ہے پھر۔

    • Exactly sadly, when you don’t pay Bhatta to the corrupt leaders, they do this. Top To bottom , only Ghunda gardi here.

  • amir khan, invested to buld better future for young pakistanis and this government officials close it down why is it because no rishwat or they scared kid will know how beat tem up if learn boxing.

  • Corruption within government institutions can undermine public trust and lead to perceptions of authorities acting against the interests of the country. When officials prioritize personal gain over the welfare of the nation, it can have detrimental effects on governance and public services.

    • It wasn’t just a investment for monetary gains, he actually wished to flourish boxing in Pakistan. Sad to see that the corruption and greed got the better of him,

  • Sad to see our country in our childhood which was still very much competitive and there was some hope is right now on a nose dive. Sommeone who genuinely trying to do effort for the development are left in gust and agony.

  • Amir Khan should purchase a plot / piece of land and start his own private Boxing Academy ….. he should stay away from Govt. Institutes …. if his students are good they will automatically gain recognition ….

  • Leaving Pakistan in disappointment and disgust is NOT the solution to the problem.

  • Pakistan KY log bhot Kuch krna chahty he laken afsos???hum shirminda he Amir Khan aap sy

  • او بھائی اِدھر قائد اعظم ،لیاقت علی خان ،فاطمہ جناح انصاف کے منتظر ہیں ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔عامر خان صاحب آپ کن چکروں میں ہیں ؟؟؟؟؟؟

  • ApaBhai aap ahmaq insaan hain jo is bezameer mulk mein aye.. aap jayen london aur wapas na ayen. Waheen booxing school open karain kaafir aap ko support karainge izzat b dainge

    • Assalam o Alaikum Bhai.
      Mein bohat se mulkon me ja chuka hoon like USA,Canada, UK,France, Germany, Japam,Soth Korea,Hong Kong Kong, China,UAE, Saudi Arabia South Africa etc.And Alhamdolillah, mein ne in sab mulkom me se kisi me bhi AIK WAQT KA KHANA BHI NAHIN KHAYA, kyunkeh mujhe PAKISTANI KHANA hi pasand he.

  • He couldn’t move to another building but is moving from the country. I don’t get this ‘logic’.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your concerns and frustrations. I’m deeply sorry to hear that your gym was shut down despite your efforts and investment. It’s unacceptable that your attempts to bring boxing training to Pakistan have been met with inaction from officials and the government. Please don’t lose hope! My law firm is committed to helping you resolve this issue. We will work tirelessly to explore all legal options and find a solution. Your dedication to bringing boxing to Pakistan is admirable, and we will do everything in our power to support you. Keep fighting for your passion, and we’ll fight for your rights. Let’s work together to get your gym up and running again.

  • It’s a shame that such a waste of talent is taken so lightly! Nobody gives a damn about the future of Pakistan…..let alone future of sports….. We, as Pakistani citizens apologize to you Aamir that since the birth of this country….not even a single government was sincere and loyal to this great four seasons/natural resources filled country!!! Another very sad day in the history 😞

  • Looks like Pakistan’s enemies are running GOP and doing a very good job of collapsing Pakistan’s economy and converting Pakistan into a failed state.

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