Pakistani Student Wins Top Honors in Oxford MBA Program

Pakistani women are making it big all over the world. Kanza Azeemi, who graduated from Lahore University of Management Sciences with a distinction in 2013, is yet another example of this.

She has been granted the highest academic honor at the MBA program of University of Oxford. She was presented with the award by the dean, Peter Tufano, in a prestigious ceremony held at the end of the course. The ceremony itself was held at Sheldon Theatre, one of the oldest in the university.

The Dean handing the Certificate to Kanza

Azeemi’s Achievement

She successfully scored the highest position in a class of 327 students from 58 different countries. The press release said that she was awarded with the very honourable Saïd Prize on completion of MBA from the prestigious Saïd Business School at Oxford University.

The dean announced her position on the Dean’s Honor List and talked about the events she organised. She was also elected as the Co. Chair of the Women’s Leadership Oxford Business Network, working to promote gender equality and promoting women in leadership positions.

About Saïd prize

Every year this prize is awarded to one outstanding student at the business school for their outstanding academic and co-curricular activities. Usually these students have excellent contributions to the MBA program as well as the Oxford community on the whole.

University Rankings

Recently, Oxford University was ranked as the best university in the world by Times Higher Education. The rankings are based on several factors that collectively determine the worth of a university.

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Most of the universities failed to even make it past the top 500 rankings. Only Quaid-e-Azam University managed to crack the top 500.

via Express Tribune

  • 1 year MBA from Oxford. Dont understand the strange choices people make. How hard was it for a top star from LUMS to score good in GMAT and get into a real business school in US? I guess we would never know. By any stretch of imagination, MBA from Oxford following LUMS’, is a downgrade. Oxford is merely a relic of glorified British past and elitie+snobs. Nothing special or even worth a mention in modern world. Locals will understand it better, once I call it Aitchison College of UK.
    My GMAT score was in the 99th percentile. British universities were practically begging me to join their program – with guaranteed placement (lol). I had to set a filter to delete their emails upon arrival.

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