PIA Crew Refused Entry to UK Hotel Because They Harrass Women

PIA has made quite the reputation recently in the United Kingdom. A hotel in the England has sent a letter to PIA to complain about a specific male flight crew member and mentioned the embarrassing behavior of the crew in general.

Harassing The Hotel Residents

Apparently, the females in the hotel felt insecure and disturbed in the presence of the crew because of their demeaning conduct. The hotel emphasized on a number of complaints they received about the male staff asking for their phone numbers.

The hotel management stressed that they will not provide rooms to PIA staff any more until action is taken against them and the people in the hotel are given some sort of security against them.

PIA’s Repertoire

This isn’t the first time PIA faced trouble in the country. Back in May, a PIA flight from Islamabad was impounded by UK’s Border Force officials and they found large quantities of heroin hidden in different parts of the plane.

On May 15th at Heathrow Airport, heroin was confiscated on a PIA flight and the attendant’s passports were taken as well. This was a very embarrassing blow to the PIA as only 6 months ago a crash had killed dozens.

Only a week later on May 22, another PIA flight got caught with heroin weighing 20 kg in Islamabad, headed for Heathrow Airport.

While in another incident, a senior pilot of the PIA, on a flight to London from Islamabad (PK-785) decided to take a two-and-a-half-hour long nap in the passenger compartment. He did so while carelessly handing over the controls to an amateur pilot. He reportedly compromised the lives of 305 passengers on that plane.

      • It is not possible now to just marry AND SETTLE there. They have made many strange and hard laws. Like spouse earning this much money in order to provide spouse visa etc . UK is very anti immigrant now.

  • They are bloody idiots……….what a shame to country……..Airline people are normally very good in ethics……….but pakistani…….

  • It is even worst. I work at a reputed hotel and I overheard staff of PIA calling women as meat and how they wish they could do anything to them. This is unacceptable. Please have some etiquette training.

  • i dont know why PIA still hire Male Crew..wo bhi tharkee.
    they should have hire all young female crew who not asking the numbers in hotel but to give their own…….hahah

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