Maleeha Lodhi Shuts Down India at UN & Pakistanis Are Loving It!

The 72nd session of United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) took place on Saturday in New York.

A lot of international observers wanted to see what could occur between nuclear-armed neighbors Pakistan and India. Would they be able to talk peace or indulge in another round of accusations.

Here’s what happened between the two countries.

The Indian Minister for External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj slammed Pakistan for fostering terrorists, terming Pakistan’s approach towards stability and peace as two-faced. 

The Indian representative at the UN launched a stinging attack on the neighboring country, accusing Pakistan of the barbaric violence in the region.

Pakistan’s Representative to the UN, Maleeha Lodhi responded with strong words, giving a tit for tat reply to the accusations leveled against her country by the Indian External Affairs Minister.

Using her right of reply, Lodhi bashed the Indian government for using terrorism as a state policy. She also called India the ‘Mother of Terrorism’ in the South Asia.

The Pakistani diplomat said that India is conducting terrorist activities across the border, saying that India has ‘indulged in an orgy of slander against Pakistan’.

Kashmir Atrocities Highlighted

Lodhi also highlighted the Indian atrocities in the Indian Occupied Kashmir, asking the international community to recognize Kashmir as an Independent state. Pakistan’s Ambassador to the UN pointed out the fact that Kashmir is illegally occupied by the Indian armies.

She reiterated the fact that Indian government is deliberately ignoring the Kashmir issue even after UN’s resolutions to hold a plebiscite in Kashmir to facilitate Kashmiris to choose their own fate. To date, India has already killed over 100,000 innocent Kashmiris.

Dr. Lodhi hit the nail on the Indian government’s head by saying that “the so-called largest democracy (India) is the largest hypocrisy”.

The befitting reply won the hearts of millions of Pakistanis, with many Pakistani users on social media giving her a thumbs up for her sharp approach.

The political scientist could not have replied any better.

Pakistanis are hoping that Lodhi’s speech would spark a debate among international circles which might lead to a positive outcome to the Kashmir issue.

Calling India Terror Mata was a master-stroke by Pakistan’s Representative to the UN.

Even Kashmiris appreciated her strong retort to India’s hegemony.

The message was given out loud to the world.

While the Indians are busy accusing Lodhi of using a fake picture of a pellet victim from Gaza Strip to make her point, the fact of the matter is that the UN has already highlighted the Indian atrocities in the Indian Occupied Kashmir.

The inhuman use of using pellet guns by Indian state against innocent Kashmiris has shocked the world. They have taken notice of the serious injuries caused by those so-called ‘non-lethal’ weapons by the Indian Army on innocent protesters.

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