Now in Pakistan: This Chinese Electric Car Costs the Same as a Mehran

Lo and behold, the first few all-electric Chinese cars have made it to Pakistan. Someone has imported several Shifeng D101 models in the country and it is sure to attract a lot of interest in the local automobile scene.

The Chinese government has been going in strong on the electric vehicle trend partly due to the increasing threat of global warming.

Another reason being that the ubiquity of electric cars is picking up momentum around the globe. Some organizations like Tesla have seen some tremendous achievement in this area.

It couldn’t be far off to say that electric cars are the future. And with the entry of the Shifeng D101 electric car in Pakistan, things are about to get exciting.


The Shifeng D101 is a 4-seater, 5-door hatchback model of the Chinese automaker.

Weighing 1180 kg, the D101 has a wheelbase of 2345 mm and the ability to cover 150 km on a single charge of the battery.

The battery takes about 9 hours to get completely recharged from scratch. This model reaches up to a top speed of 80 km/h.

It has a dimension of about 3465×1530×1485 mm (L×W×H).

Shifeng D101 has disks attached in the front and drums in the rear.

Other features of this model include power steering, central locking, electric rear hatch, heater and air conditioner.

Pricing and Colors

Till now 22 of these prototypes have been imported by Pakistan.

This model, priced at Rs. 750,000 in local currency, is currently only available for sale in Lahore. More of these will be ordered if this venture is successful.

A good point to note is that pricing difference between the Suzuki Mehran and this Chinese electric car is so small, that the two are comparable. For Pakistani car owners, this point alone might be enough to sway their purchasing decision.

This Chinese electric car is available in 5 different colors: blue, orange, red, silver and white.

A Pakistani firm, Super Power, also revealed earlier this year that they plan to launch an electric car in the latter half of this year.

An Emerging Trend

While other automakers like GM, Nissan and BMW are still conducting research and working towards making an electric vehicle that would create zero outflows and would be economically feasible as well.

Meanwhile, consumers too are starting to realize the potential benefits of an electric vehicle over one that runs on diesel or petrol.

Similar to Western automakers, the Chinese are not far behind in this field either. And since our neighbor has it, it was only a matter of time till electric cars would enter Pakistan as well.

Image Credits – PakWheels

  • Owaiis

    I’ve waited so long to hear this. Electric cars need to come to Pakistan ASAP and electric charging stations needs to be established. One electric station is in Islamabad (Kulsoom Market). We need to do this. Plus electric cars are way more cheaper. Not to forget that in electric cars there is no hassle to change oil every 2500 km.

    • All Petrol Pump & Puncher Wala Should be own Electric Stations to Charge Electric Bike & Car ” No Need for Extra Land & Extra Pump to be opening !

      • Owaiis

        Abdul bhaiye jahan bhi charging stations banen pr bat dekhni wali yeh hai ke electric car hi future hai. Electric car kafi sasti hai aur electric car se pollution vi nai phelti. Bas dua kren ab jald se jald yeh sahulat ajaye Pakistan me.

      • Interconnect

        Yes, let me add that charging stations will be HD Solar jacket, trousers. His/her dress will be sort of PV (Photo Voltaic) HD/3D that will absorb the UV and pass it directly to the battery in car/moor cycle, truck. The owner of CS trousers will be cotton fabric that will ventilate by blow of farts with the characteristics of 100 Octane of petrol. This can be given to the cylinder in the car to be used for various application in the car/home. This is being shown in the Paris motor show Hi-Tech demonstration of farts running car, and temperature, and PV Solar HD generating 3D energy to auto engine.

    • abobobilly

      In a country where Energy Crisis is artificially establishes just to stop this country from ever growing, and filling the pockets of filthy creatures, i don’t think going electric will EVER be beneficial. Unless this country starts to make electricity “In excess”, only then stuff like “electric cars” are ever going to be useful, if at all.

      • Owaiis

        Please don’t establish any conspiracy theories here. If you’ve got any proof that the energy crisis is ” artificially established ” then please share the knowledge with us. Secondly, you are very absolutely undoubtedly wrong. Maybe you haven’t read about the smog some time ago that covered lahore. Maybe you haven’t read about the Ozone layer being depleted. Maybe you don’t know about the harmful rays which are causing cancer in Australia because of global warming. I think electric will FOREVER be beneficial, sir. Is there an energy crisis ? Yes. But I would take loadshedding if it means I can buy an electric car. Because I know about the effects of pollution and the effects of loadshedding. A slowed down GDP is bad but dying is worse.

        • Hasan

          You didn’t get what he was saying. He wasn’t talking about anything you said, he was just pointing out the Energy Crisis( Electricity/Petrol/gas shortage). Which I agree is artificial.

          • Owaiis

            Would you choose Energy crisis or Death ? Because pollution is going to start killing us soon. Not to mention global warming.

        • Hasan

          And I also agree with you that Electric Cars are the future, The earlier we realize that the better it is.

          • Owaiis

            Yup. They are.

        • abobobilly

          Bring me ‘proof’ of who killed BB Bhutto. You can’t. Just like that, you can’t bring proof of artificial shortages. Just to lay it out there, remember the Sugar crisis and what happened after? Was it international? Ofcourse not. It was engineered to boost the prices. Do i even need to mention the so called ‘strikes’ of fuel mafia? Shutting down petrol stations and all that? Do i even need to mention all those electricity houses generating not even 50% of their capacity?

          Being positive is a good thing. But being naive is worse than all. It’s all happening under your nose, but you want to shred these as ‘conspiracy theories’ because ‘there’s no proof’. Well, newsflash. We’re living in a world where proofs are either burned down to the ground, or stolen.

          • Owaiis

            Please don’t apply your theories with other incidents. Don’t be like ” Sab bolte hn to Sach hi hoga”.

            Yes, I do remember the sugar crisis. And yes I do remember that was made up just to raise up the prices. That’s a valid point of yours. Fair enough. Good argument.

            Your last paragraph is interesting. Reminds me of one incident. I was at a mechanic shop and he was doing some work on my car. We were talking about politics. He said, ” Bhaye sharif banda to reh nai skta is mulk mein ” And I asked him, ” Ap to reh raho ho fir baki bhi reh rahe honge mere bhai ”.

            I am an optimistic guy. Naive ? Maybe to some extent. But if I don’t believe in something then I just don’t until I see some evidence.

            Lets pray even if this crisis is made up or real, be it solved ASAP.

          • Muhammad Adil Muhammad Yaseen

            If you’re sworn to find the bad, ugly and disgusting you’re gonna only that, its the psychology of the brain, our brains are designed to do that, just because something is hot in the news it doesnt mean it is true, news are paid to make you spend the hard earned money on things you’re never gonna need, dont let social, print, or mainstream media to fool you, you cant talk on real issue here, there is no artificial energy crisis until its on the news and there is always bad, ugly/disgusting as long as the talk show doesnt over, if you’re talking about facts then you’re welcome but without quoting useful information you cant just floor on the paddle, make up a theory without any evidence and tell us that evidence dont exist because they’re removed, you’re not the only mind here, if you promote this notion, then wait for trillions of theories coming your way,

          • Hasan

            Lol! Bro! I’m an electrical Engineer and work in WAPDA,specifically the Grid Stations and Transmission Lines side. The existing Grid stations and transmission lines are capable of handling the electric power needed by consumers( If provided by power plants). And power plants are also highly capable of delivering that electrical power( Provided they get the fuel they demand from government).. How do you think there’s no load shedding on Eids and whenever there’s a cricket match?

        • Ghazanfar A. Khan

          About Pollution you are so scared of, Just making the cars electric doesn’t mean you prevented pollution. The electricity for the cars need to come from clean sources like solar, nuclear etc. and if you are getting your energy by burning fossil fuel or if its hydro power then you haven’t changed anything, you have just changed the output of pollution from the backend of your car to the power generation house.

          • Owaiis

            Ghazanfar sahab, you’ve written ‘ About Pollution YOU are so scared of ‘ , well let me ask this Aren’t you ? Isn’t everybody ? I am not the only one who is scared of global warming. We all should be and majority of us are (including you I hope).

            I know we have to generate environment friendly energy and isn’t electric cars the first step ? Today we aren’t using electric cars and on top of that, we are producing energy from fossil fuels. Well if cut one of these out, the situation would become better. Then the next step would be too produce clean energy. We have to take this step by step Sir.

            • Ghazanfar A. Khan

              Please do some research on Environment first then decide what’s actually first step and what should come next.

              Pollution through cars is not as big a problem as obtaining electricity from fossil fuel and hydro projects is. Some Developed countries are working on producing electricity through renewable resources etc. to actually clamp down on pollution.

              Electric cars are going to negatively affect pollution if you don’t change the source of electricity generation to renewables or nuclear power etc.

              Please don’t mind it, You have to first do some research over the whole topic, it might take a week to an year and then you will be better equipped with information that will let you decide what is good for pollution control and what’s actual the wrong first step, in this case electric vehicles in Pakistan.


              • Owaiis

                Ghazanfar Sir, we will have to agree to disagree. Peace.

                • Bilal Majeed

                  His point is valid
                  All he is saying is that the source of electricity should be shifted first to bring the pollution down.
                  Suppose a country at present like Japan introduces Electric cars in their country
                  now to charge these they need electric stations. The current energy mix of Japan is 85% conventional fuels (coal, LNG, Oil). Which means the power provided to these stations are infact from thermal plants which are the greatest source of pollution so instead of heavily investing in Electric cars to stop pollution they must FIRST change their energy mix by investing instead in Renewable Energy resource to at least change their Energy mix to 60% Renewable Resource by 2030 if same is implemented by every country the rate of global warming will slow down or will become constant for the current century.

                  • Owaiis

                    It is valid. I know that. But I don’t with saying that we shouldn’t switch to eco-friendly cars until we start manufacturing green energy. It may take some time for our country to switch our energy production and keep in mind first we have to produce more energy due to energy crisis. Hence it would take longer than switching to e-cars.

                    • Muhammad Adil Muhammad Yaseen

                      we dont only need e-cars just because they are environment friendly, we need those cars because our country imports huge gigantic amount of fossil fuel from other countries, e-cars may turn the burden, also e-cars require less maintenance, dont forget that, these cars are the future

              • Ssc

                How come you can say that hydropower is also a cause of pollution?

                • Ghazanfar A. Khan

                  Thoroughly search on Google. Read about the studies conducted by reputable scientists all over the world.

    • Suzuki, Toyota, Honda, Hino, Etc Walo Ko Pakistan Ki Pehly Manufacturing Electric Car Launch Karni Chahyeh thi

      • Owaiis

        Chalo jo vi kr rha ha acha kr rha ha.

    • Fahad J

      Solar cars should come to Pakistan, electricity is too expensive and theres a huge shortage and we dont have stations that charge cars rapidly….

      • Owaiis

        Let’s hope they do.

  • Chines Electric Car In Pakistan : Chale to Chand Tak Nahi to Shaam Tak :

    • Adeel Ahmad

      most probably sham tak :D

      • Muhammad Adil Muhammad Yaseen

        All sold out in 5 days,
        stock finished

        • Statement Ki Sheet Mil Sakti hai ???

          • Muhammad Adil Muhammad Yaseen

            statement ki sheet chahiye apko Abdul wahab sahab, ye pakwheels ka article hai, jis main bataya tha 22 units import hue thay lahore main, olx p search karlen apko add mil jayega, or us banday se contact karlen apko statement bhi smjh ajayegi

  • Arslan Nazeer

    Bijli Pehle he nai hy hamare Village men :(

    • Car Road Pe Chalne K Liye Banaya Gya Hai Village K Liye Suzuki Cycle Future MAIN Launch Hoga :P

      • Adeel


      • Arslan Nazeer

        Han Cycle he thek hy koi chura k le jaye dukh to nai hoga :)

  • So Rs. 750,000 for this car plus 3-4 lac to setup a 5KW solar system at your home and you travel in city free of cost…

    • Hasan

      Good Point bro. But the thing I’m worried about is the maintenance of these cars.

      • Bike Wala Generator Wala (Mechanic) Can Maintain your Electric CAR : With Jugar

        • Mehrunnisa

          Are these used cars?

      • Muhammad Adil Muhammad Yaseen

        maintenance is not a big issue as long as you dont break anything, because electric engines have less parts as compared to petrol/ diesel engine, you wont be needing any maintenance for a long time, and if it needs than those days are not far when we will be having these cars on every road, soon something will hit the market to offer something

        • rashid

          but problem is charging time of this car its take 9 hour to charge for run 150 km so daily in night u have to charge then u can run 150 km its really long time to charge the battery

          • Muhammad Adil Muhammad Yaseen

            once the technology make a debut, then we can really ask for betterment dont you think?

  • Muhammad Yasir

    ” A Pakistani firm, Super Power, also revealed earlier this year that they plan to launch an electric car in the latter half of this year. ”

    Riiight … it’s going to be september in like a week and their latter half STILL hasn’t arrived !

    • Zulqarnain Nizamani


      • Muhammad Yasir

        should have said ” 4th Quarter ” then

        cos latter half encapsulates July to December

    • Syed Mujtaba

      Super power not a Pakistani Firm
      its chinese firm

      • Muhammad Yasir

        hey, i merely quoted what the wrote

        you might wanna complain in a separate, independent comment maybe ?

  • Mohamed Sulaiman

    9 hours to get completely recharged from scratch.
    Mean half way chargin bh 5-6 hours le legi.
    Ab itna time ks k pass h.
    Charging should be improved.

    • Muhammad Yasir


    • LkBaal

      What are you trying to say?

    • Radz

      it will get improved in future when the technology matures. You can still use it for full day if you charge it 7-8 hours on night.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    Pertinent to this post,

    i think the cars should cost LESS than the horrid, mediocre and underachieving mehran

    now while most of you will disagree, my point is actually very simple

    My cousin works in Pak suzuki (no hateful comments plz) and he’s said that Mehran is the go to choice for almost any newcomer in the auto market. i wouldn’t take a random person’s word on it, but since he works in Pak suzuki, his word bears some semblance of truth. So, any person who’s on a tight budget and about to buy a car for the very first time is inundated with the suggestions like ;

    ” Mehran le lo ” and so on …

    The Mehran, despite it’s horrible pricing and lacking, frugal feature set, has ALOT of advantages over any other budget car. first of all, spare parts are easily available. secondly, mechanics have gained a zen like proficiency in fixing mehran. lastly, the mindset of the consumer is superficially hypnotized towards Mehran, everyone sees suzuki as a very old and seasoned member of the local automobile market, they trust suzuki and consider them a reliable and consistent vendor for passenger vehicles. Heck, how old is the Mehran model btw, 20 years or so … ? yeah something like that definitely appeals to the local and eastern mindset so very prevalent in this society !

    Any new car, even if fully loaded with features but costing the same as or slightly more than Mehran, WILL face unprecedented and unconditional competition and heat from Mehran due to reasons i said above.

    Thus, It is IMPERATIVE, that any new entrant in the market MUST consider pricing their budget category Passenger Car “Significantly” lower than the Suzuki Mehran !

    otherwise they WILL struggle to make their mark and gain any foothold in this monopolized market.

    • LkBaal

      Oh please.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        yeah you got a better idea ?!

        • Muhammad Adil Muhammad Yaseen

          these electric cars are made from almost half the parts, they require less maintenance, mehran on the other hand is just like china ki stupid bike, even when purchased new, you can hear sounds coming from various corners that you feel like some rats are trapped inside, it might be cheap to repair it, but the times you need to repair it keeps on multiplying, the suspension of mehran is still you ”kamaniyan”, we all know that this suspension is now available in carts only, the reason behind other cars can not be sold at cheap prices is that govt. ask too much taxes because only 5% business people are paying taxes, so govt needs tax somehow, now other brand cant go 20 years behind to bring a car(cart) that looks like shiit and feels like dirt, they maintain least standard, but only pak suzuki can come up with this sick brand car that only changes its grill design and keeps on getting behind in features but offered with increasing price. paksuzuki sucksss

          • Muhammad Yasir


            pak suzuki suckss !

            but this m o r o n named LkBaal things he’s a smarta**

            • Muhammad Adil Muhammad Yaseen

              He is not saying anything bro, he is sleeping?

              • Muhammad Yasir

                he’s what we call, an IMBECILE :D

                • Muhammad Adil Muhammad Yaseen


  • پاکستانی عوام اس پر دھاوا بول دیں گے، پاکستانی انویسٹر چائنہ میں اس طرح کی ایکسڈینٹ شدہ گاڑیوں کی مارکیٹ ڈھونڈنے لگ جائیں گے، اور گورنمنٹ نئی طرز کی کاروں پر ٹیکس لگانے کی پالیسی بنا لے گی

  • Danish

    Electricity consumption per charge?

  • Usman Malik

    4 seater but 5 door ? Is it really 5 door?

  • Fakhre Alam

    Good start but the thing that should be considered seriously apart from the aesthetics is the battery recharge cycles. For instance, tesla battery for their electric car loses only 20% of the charging capacity after approx 800000 km mileage.

  • Pehly e bijli poori ni hori. ooper se electric car :D Mian saab jaan deyo…

  • Majid Ali

    Frndz good opportunity for NEPRA to impose a new tax named “Charging Fee”,after successful addition of Tv Fee & Neelam Jehlam surcharge in our Electric bills.

  • maqbool ahmed

    What is the name of dealer or contact # who is importing electric cars in Lahore.

  • Haroon Rashid

    In view of the chemistry of the Li Ion batteries in EV’s from China, which gives a unique aroma/odour of fart like smell with flavors of Strawberry, Banana, Falsa, Mango Langra, are original versions Chinese experimented gave good performance of each battery charge under the technology incubation of the farts which never blow, but quietly clears with a turbine whine.

  • Younis Hashmi

    Electric cars would be great, but in a country that cant give electricity 24/7 will the cars be worth it?