Now in Pakistan: This Chinese Electric Car Costs the Same as a Mehran

Lo and behold, the first few all-electric Chinese cars have made it to Pakistan. Someone has imported several Shifeng D101 models in the country and it is sure to attract a lot of interest in the local automobile scene.

The Chinese government has been going in strong on the electric vehicle trend partly due to the increasing threat of global warming.

Another reason being that the ubiquity of electric cars is picking up momentum around the globe. Some organizations like Tesla have seen some tremendous achievement in this area.

It couldn’t be far off to say that electric cars are the future. And with the entry of the Shifeng D101 electric car in Pakistan, things are about to get exciting.


The Shifeng D101 is a 4-seater, 5-door hatchback model of the Chinese automaker.

Weighing 1180 kg, the D101 has a wheelbase of 2345 mm and the ability to cover 150 km on a single charge of the battery.

The battery takes about 9 hours to get completely recharged from scratch. This model reaches up to a top speed of 80 km/h.

It has a dimension of about 3465×1530×1485 mm (L×W×H).

Shifeng D101 has disks attached in the front and drums in the rear.

Other features of this model include power steering, central locking, electric rear hatch, heater and air conditioner.

Pricing and Colors

Till now 22 of these prototypes have been imported by Pakistan.

This model, priced at Rs. 750,000 in local currency, is currently only available for sale in Lahore. More of these will be ordered if this venture is successful.

A good point to note is that pricing difference between the Suzuki Mehran and this Chinese electric car is so small, that the two are comparable. For Pakistani car owners, this point alone might be enough to sway their purchasing decision.

This Chinese electric car is available in 5 different colors: blue, orange, red, silver and white.

A Pakistani firm, Super Power, also revealed earlier this year that they plan to launch an electric car in the latter half of this year.

An Emerging Trend

While other automakers like GM, Nissan and BMW are still conducting research and working towards making an electric vehicle that would create zero outflows and would be economically feasible as well.

Meanwhile, consumers too are starting to realize the potential benefits of an electric vehicle over one that runs on diesel or petrol.

Similar to Western automakers, the Chinese are not far behind in this field either. And since our neighbor has it, it was only a matter of time till electric cars would enter Pakistan as well.

Image Credits – PakWheels