This Shopkeeper in Lahore Leaves His Shop Open & Unattended at Night

Many people lose their faith in humanity when they see how people are living their lives and how little trust we see in this world. This one thing we get taught since childhood stays somewhere in the back of our minds:

“Never trust a stranger”

However, the beliefs of Muhammad Habib are pretty much the opposite.

His vegetable shop in Main Market, Lahore runs on endless trust and faith in his customers and his neighborhood.

His Shop is Open and Unattended Throughout the Night

Muhammad Habib keeps his shop open at night for nothing but his customer’s convenience. If people need a midnight purchase of vegetables, they can do so at his shop.

The people in the neighborhood are very honorable, and they even write in the receipt book the amount of vegetable purchased during the absence of Muhammad Habib or his younger brother Farrukh Javed, who assists Muhammad Habib in running the shop.

This way, the vendors are able to keep record and keep the business going even at night.

The Business Runs as He Sleeps

The customers carefully pick up the quantities they need, measuring them using the physical balance present at the shop. A customer said that Muhammad Habib does this only for the convenience of the neighborhood and that he has complete trust and faith in them. The customers only return the favor.

A post on Facebook regarding this said,

No legislation, no rules for such sales or protection of stock. Not yet interrupted by any authorities, hence working outstanding. No theft reported. All is the mutual understanding between people.

Source: Arsalan Mahmood Khan, Mangobaaz

    • Wahab waisay to bara Knowledge hai Zara Youtube per jo Gand India walay Pakistanio ka karty hain un ko b jawab diya karo ya Efficiency marnay say koi Farak ni parta

  • there is A lot of things like that in our country it’s one of them , as we people are still honest like old Muslims, baqi angreez jo merzi sochy apny dash say…

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