Price of a Selfie: Man Loses His Legs in a Bizarre Accident

Selfies are fun but they have become more like kill-fies these days. Another unfortunate incident took place recently as a person taking a selfie along a rail side lost his legs, confirms an officer from Jaranwala police station.

A police official said that Shahid Hussain, a resident of Mohallah Islampura, was taking a selfie at railroad side when he accidentally slipped and fell on the rail track. Within seconds, an approaching train ran over and crushed both his legs, the official added. The victim was quickly taken to Jaranwala Tehsil government hospital for surgery.

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There have been many cases in Pakistan where selfie addiction has killed and injured people. Another story of a girl who lost her life taking a selfie happened earlier this year.

The police said 25-year-old Samreen was waiting for the Rawalpindi Tezgam Express. While the train was moving, she tried to take a selfie and was hit by it. Both the legs and arms of the young lady broke as a result of the accident. She was moved to Nishtar Hospital in Multan due to a fatal injury on the head. However, she lost her life due to the injuries.

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Shockingly, Pakistan takes the second place in the worldwide killer-selfie rankings with nine deaths, according to a study published by US-based Carnegie Mellon University and Indraprastha Institute of Information Innovation Delhi. In the meantime, India topped the list with 76 selfie deaths.

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