PEMRA Considering New Law to Keep TV Show Antics in Check

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has put forward a suggestion before Senate Standing Committee on Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage to ban fake experts and antics airing on TV.

Senator Mian Ateeq (MQM)

The law was proposed by PEMRA Chief Absar Alam which was triggered by MQM Senator Mian Ateeq’s bill to prevent the advertisement and airing of shows promoting herbal remedies, saying that such unprofessional remedies can be extremely harmful.

He said:

We daily get to see dermatologists, herbalists, and fake doctors in morning shows suggesting remedies for skin and other health diseases.

He further asserted that there must be valid certificates for professionals and those with less than 10 years of experience must not be allowed to appear on TV screens.

Standing Committee’s Chief Senator Kamil Ali Agha was presented with the dossier of the proposed law by PEMRA Chief.

Senator Sassui Palijo (PPP)

PP’s Senator highlighted another important issue regarding the misinterpretation of Islamic verses by fraudulent religious scholars, while agreeing to the bill presented by MQM’s Senator.

She told the panel while asking PEMRA to take strict actions:

It is preposterous and bizarre that religion has become tool for such antics and look at the magic and fake healers who claim to treat pain and miseries of people on television.

Information Minister

Maryam Aurangzeb encouraged the points raised in the committee however, she said that the government is already considering introducing a similar legislation.

The Outcome

The committee chairman asked the panel members to include their points in the draft submitted by PEMRA which would then be sent through the Ministry for it to undergo the legislation process.

It was later decided that the involved parties inducing PEMRA, Information Secretary and Ministry of Law would further discuss the draft and share the outcomes with the panel members.