Ronaldo Beats Messi to the FIFA Best Player Award

It’s Cristiano Ronaldo, again!

After completing a remarkable season, Ronaldo has snatched the FIFA’s Best Men’s Player of the Year award for the year 2017. Taking 43.16% of the total votes, this is the fifth time Ronaldo has been named as FIFA’s Top Male Footballer.

The Portuguese ace scored 44 goals from just 48 games for his club and country in the calender year and played a vital role in Madrid’s win in Champions League and La Liga as well.

Scoring twice in the final against Juventus, he helped Madrid secure a 4-1 win at Cardiff´s Millennium Stadium on June 3rd, which secured Ronaldo’s reputation as one of the greatest players to have ever played the game.

It is worth mentioning that Ronaldo won the inaugural Best FIFA men’s player of the year award last year following the end of a six-year merger between the FIFA honour and the Ballon D’Or.

This year, the competition was much stronger as Ronaldo shrugged off longstanding Barcelona rival Lionel Messi and Paris Saint-Germain’s Neymar — both being in hot form this year.

Asked how long he could keep up this level of form, Ronaldo said: “I don’t know, I just enjoy the moment, the moment is great. I feel happy, I’m 32 and have won best player in the world and I’m so glad. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the next year. I just try to focus on the moment.”

Here are the top three rankings:

Ranking               Players                      Votes

1.                    Cristiano Ronaldo                43.16 %

2.                        Lionel Messi                     19.25 %

3.                            Neymar                         6.97%

Messi voted for Barcelona team-mate Luis Suarez as his best player, while Ronaldo also opted for a team-mate at Real — Luka Modric.

Best Men’s Coach

Real Madrid ended their last season on a high; champions of Spain first time since 2012 and champions of Europe for the 2nd successive season.

With such an incredible season, it is hard to ignore Zidane — the man responsible for making it all happen.

The French legend won the award ahead of Chelsea manager Antonio Conte, who won the Premier League in his first season and Juventus’ Massimiliano Allegri and managed a league and cup double in Serie A and Coppa Italia.

Here are the top three rankings:

Ranking               Coach                      Votes

1.                     Zinedine Zidane               46.22%

2.                      Antonio Conte                 11.62%

3.                   Massimiliano Allegri         8.78%

Best Woman’s Coach

Netherlands coach Wiegman led the Netherlands to the Euro 2017 title on home soil, playing excellent attacking football. It was their first major women’s international title after a thrilling victory over Denmark in the final.

Here are the top three rankings:

Ranking               Coach                      Votes

1.                    Sarina Wiegman             36.24%

2.                        Nils Nielsen                  12.64%

3.                   Gerard Precheur              9.37%

Best Goalkeeper

Gianluigi Buffon, one of the most renowned goalkeepers of all time, managed to become the best goalkeeper for the year after delivering a solid performance in 2017.

With Gigi in goal, Juventus won sixth consecutive league title and went 600 minutes without conceding a goal in the Champions League.

Buffon, who is now 39 and approaching his retirement age, won the award ahead of Real Madrid’s Keylor Navas and Bayern’s Manuel Neuer.

Puskas Award For Best Goal

Without a shadow of a doubt, Oliver Giroud scored one of the most incredible goals seen live on television.

Giroud won the award for his cheeky effort against Palace on New Year’s Day. The Frenchman scored a goal which is referred to as ‘a scorpion kick’ and its execution is one of the toughest in modern football.

His goal managed to secure 36.1% of total 792,062 votes.

Here are the highlights of the entire event:

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  • Both are club level players, unable to perform in international matches, real players were Ronaldo of Brazil, Zaidaan of france.

    • LOL Cristiano Ronaldo won the Euro 2016 cup last year. Leading a weak Portguese team to beat the best teams in Europe Thats the real champion

      • how much goals scored by ronaldo in Euro cup 2016, and what was the performance in final? zaidan won 1998 world cup for his team and Ronaldo won 2002 world cup for his team. both were best players in all matches and final also. and you are saying them champions. Your Ronaldo in china made.

        • LOL i think you dont watch football closely this Club level and Champions League matches are way more tougher than worldcup matches. Its due to Cristiano Real Madrid won Laliga Champions League. And in Euro it was Cristiano who scored crucial goals against Hungry and in semifinals againt Wales. Otherwise the weakest side of Portuguese couldn’t have won anything. Crisatiano Ronaldo is one of the bestest player ever to play. if you cant swallow his achievements you are not even a football fan .

          • I am a football fan and i watch matches since 1998. many time i saw ridiculous tricks from ronaldo to gain foul against opposite players. if you want to see real ronaldo watch 2002 world cup final and you will know who is real Ronaldo (Brazil) and who is fake ronaldo (Portugal)

            • No you are not a football fan. if you are disrespecting the greatest players how can you say you are a football fan, Cristiano has won the best player award 5 times now. what you think Fifa and the all the captains and journalists and great footballers who vote for them are fool ? there is a reason why he is so successful.

              • and for your kind information it was Brazilian Ronaldo who handed the best player in the world award to Crisitiano 2 days ago in London.

                • “Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player of his generation, by a long way,” Zidane said. “He has shown that many times, he makes the difference in the big games. It is very deserved what he is winning tomorrow, all his prizes are deserved. He always shows he wants to be the best, and he is.”

                  • ok i suppose you are right but answer me one question “many time i saw ridiculous tricks from ronaldo to gain foul against opposite players” why? Zaidane and Brazilian Ronaldo are greatest players but also thay are great human. thay never used ridiculous tricks in any game.

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