Telegram, the Secure Alternative to Whatsapp, is Down in Pakistan

Telegram is currently experiencing problems in Pakistan. The web version of Telegram (similar to WhatsApp Web) is inaccessible right now. What’s more, the website is also inaccessible while the Windows phone app is also not working.

Telegram has been offline since last night (around 13 hours) in Pakistan and millions of users aren’t able to access the service.

Not The First Time

Last month Telegram went offline due to one of their data centres in Singapore being under maintenance. This time it’s unclear what’s hindering access to Telegram because upon our investigation, Telegram is only non-functional in Pakistan, the webpage and the app is working fine in other countries.

Telegram hasn’t reported any maintenances or server problems and we expect that the issue is internal and the route to Telegram might be blocked by Pakistani authorities.

About Telegram

Telegram is a popular feature rich instant messaging app. It is known for being encrypted and secure, and uses its own encryption algorithms.

It offered some different and advanced features than it’s competitor, WhatsApp, such as sending uncompressed images, files, bigger groups, larger files and videos, bots, and much more.

Are you experiencing any other problems with the Telegram app? Is the web version working for you? Sound off in the comments.

  • Ali Hasan

    It’s working ??

  • Leking WhatsApp WhatsApp Hai :?

    • Adonis

      its not secured

      • No One Secured on Internet : So I am Using All Social Apps Till Death :D

      • Adeel

        To Wahab bhai k pas kaunsa koi nuclear weapons k blue prints hain jo unhen secure rehna chahiye ?
        Wahab bhai khulli kitaab hai jo panna acha lage parh len

        • ZAB

          Hahaha good one.

          • Adeel


        • Wali Khan

          Khuli Kitab —> Wah Wah

          • Adeel


      • Hassam Tahir

        It is end to end encrypted. Which is the most secure way to send messages. Telegram uses exactly the same. Whatsapp/Telegram are both equally and one of the most secure form of messages

    • Whatsapp bohat pechay hay Telegram ke nisbat features main.

      Jisnay lahore aur telegram app nahi dekhay jamaya ee nai :D

  • Umair Zia

    working fine here

  • Guest

    Off in Pakistan

  • Kashif Faraz

    Telegram is a lightweight cloud-based unlike whatsapp

    • Kashif Faraz

      I haven’t used ! how could you know ?

      • Syed Zarar

        Because anyone who has used Telegram will maintain the opinion that it’s much, much better than WhatsApp. It had plenty of features which WhatsApp copied which includes replying to specific messages, tagging in chats and so on.

        Moreover, Telegram offers much better picture quality than WhatsApp. It doesn’t decompress like WhatsApp.

        • Waqar Hussain

          LOL. You did not get his point.

        • Kashif Faraz

          Dear, absolutely right I mentioned “Telegram is a lightweight cloud-based unlike whatsapp” this positive opinion about Telegram.

        • Kashif Muhammad Qasim

          Budi baat, chupke chupke you are deleting your own comments…

    • Kashif Muhammad Qasim

      Bhai zara aasan lafzon main likh do, Syed Zarar bhai ko lag raha hai aap Telegram ki tareef nahi balke budai kar rahe ho :-)

  • Kashif Faraz

    Telegram Android and Desktop version works fine in karachi.

  • Tech Boy

    App now works, but facing time out response on

  • Rana Jazib Masood

    It’s working on nayatel and warid both.

    • Not working on PTCL and Telenor, Faisalabad, Karachi

  • Salman Haider

    I don’t use Telegram. Facebook has everything an ordinary user can wish for.

    • Telegram gives best voice calls quality even on 2G network, is that possible with Facebook?

      Can send any file type upto 1.5GB in Facebook? Na na na. No app can beat Telegram

      • Salman Haider

        Facebook messenger lite works fine on 2G network since it has been specifically designed for low connection network.
        I wonder if you have used it by now.
        Though I have not yet sent any bigger files upto 1.5 GB in Facebook but I’m sure it will be possible as long as your Internet speed is good.

  • Kashif Faraz

    what is the actual reason behind down Telegram?

  • Umair Qureshi

    its still down :(

  • Jawad Ahmed

    Is it being blocked by the ISP’s? I can connect using VPN but not directly. Same results on PC and mobile.

  • working on mobile app but not over pc WEB.Telegram

  • I noticed that for the last 2 days is NOT working on Ufone 3G or PTCL but all is well using Nayatel. Any update?

  • Guest

    Still facing problem in using Telenor Web Version (from Karachi Pakistan)

  • justvisuals

    still not working!

  • abu ahnaf

    koi bata sakta he k karachi me telegram pc per kis waja se of he jab k mobile per chal raha he??????

    • Kamran Zahid

      Depends on the internet connection you are using.