Police Beat This Young Man Because He Confronted Them for Breaking Law [Video]

A young citizen of Karachi caught Police officers red-handed while breaking the law. What came next is no surprise, reports tell the man was brutally beaten up by the officers.

The Confrontation

The video revealed how the two policemen were traveling on the wrong side of the road near Safoora Chowrangi in Karachi when the young man confronted them.

While confronting the policemen, the young man made sure to make a video. The man blamd the officials for the deteriorating condition of the country when he confronted them.


The man claimed that as a result of his protest, he was beaten up by the cops.

Action Against the Cops

The video was soon aired publicly on news channels, followed by a suspension of the two policemen as confirmed by SSP Malir Rao Anwar. He further added that an inquiry against them is under way.

The Hyderabad Incident

Recently, another such incident occurred in Hyderabad when two lawmen were found guilty of breaking the law.

The two policemen faced suspension after they were found guilty of extortion of money from the laborers.

Sources reveal that the accusations surfaced as a result of the incident that took place in the Preetabad area of the city when the policemen approached labourers indulged in loading seeds on a truck.

The labourers were then demanded to offer them money. Upon refusing to do so, the laborers were beaten up.

During the process, one of the labourers, Abid Malik, got injured. Malik was then taken by the police officials, but upon fainting along the way he was left at the Civil Hospital.

It was later stated by the owner of the warehouse that it was routine work for the police to victimize workers into paying them Rs. 500 daily. The two police officials have however been suspended, confirmed Hyderabad SSP Pir Mohammad Shah.

  • That’s what happens when you try to teach law, the law!

    But that shouldn’t discourage you from taking a stand. Only we, THE PEOPLE, can turn this country around.

    Not Zardari, Not Nawaz, Not Imran.

  • That’s what an awaken citizen vs incompetent, corrupt police officers.Salute to the courage of this youngster. Wish, Allah bless every citizen of Pakistan a courage like him to raise voice against wrong doings of corrupt black sheeps in Our system, who exercise state’s power as their father’s legacy .

    • isn’t it sad that no one from other cars stood with him, People of Karachi need to unite together at every such incident.

    • No, Karachi has gotten way better than Gotham ever since a certain violent political party with a dark past and a highly controversial leader is out of power in Karachi.

      Gotham is a REAL MESS! Every ‘super villain’ seems to be willing to destroy it with either nukes or crazy clowns! Karachi is a heaven in comparison!

      • I see what you did there. But still, it needs a ‘Daredevil’ for low cost maintenance :P

  • I just done understand yeh “Suspension” ka law kisne banaya hai. It seems more like a vacation rather than punishment

  • This new generation is the only hope for this country. Fully support this young man in his endeavor. We have to take a stand against injustice to curtail it in this otherwise lawless land.

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