Build A New 1080P Gaming PC for Rs. 51,000 [Guide]

There’s never been a better time to build your own souped-up gaming PC than now.

Many of the exclusive games from Xbox One are also available on Windows Store. And if that wasn’t enough, some of the exclusive titles from PlayStation 4 are also playable (via streaming) on your PC thanks to PS Now.

Plus, a gaming PC is great for many other things be it for streaming, video editing, socializing with crazy good discounts on games on Steam.

For this guide, we will be listing all components for your PC within a budget of Rs. 50,000. You too can build a 1080p gaming rig (with brand new parts) and can run all current games at 1080p resolution on high/medium graphics (depending on how optimized the game is).

New parts are a better investment compared to used ones, but still for the sake of those who don’t know, here are a couple of reasons why we recommend going for them:

  • Everything is under warranty and can be replaced if it stops working.
  • The new parts are more likely to last longer than the used ones.

So lets get started.

1. Casing

We don’t recommend going for a really cheap cardboard for your PC casing here. Not only do you want your PC to look sleek, but you also need one that works perfectly in Pakistan.

Things you should keep in mind when buying a Chassis/casing:

  • It needs to have good ventilation so your PC doesn’t heat up too much in the summer.
  • Dust filters should be installed near the intake fans.

Casing Recommendation: Thermal Take Versa N26 (Rs. 4,800)

This full-sized steel ATX case is a modern, PSU-on-bottom design. Versa n26 comes with a sleek design aimed directly for gamers who want a budget casing without sacrificing the wow-factor. You can even install RGB lights in it to make it look cooler.

This casing is available on CZone for Rs. 4,800.

Why we recommend this:

In this budget the chassis mentioned above provides you with a single 120-mm exhaust fan, but the best part is that it includes room for two more 120-mm fans in the top and two in the front. The top vent can house a 240-mm fan, and the rear fan can be removed to fit an additional 120-mm fan. So in this budget you have a casing that can provide you with perfect ventilation to keep all your components cool.

It’s designed for gamers through and through, with the black metal meshed front panel that delivers a stylish look. The heightened foot-stands at the bottom help enhance airflow, and a transparent side window offers a direct view of the inner system.

2. Power Supply Unit/PSU

A few things to keep in mind when buying a PSU (power supply):

  1. Make sure it has a overvoltage/undervoltage protection and resilience against power loss.
  2. Don’t overspend on a power supply by buying the best looking one, since it’s just going to hide behind a case.
  3. Buy power supplies from “Dany” at your own risk. Just because they are cheaper doesn’t mean they are reliable. They can fry your build easily.
  4. A PSU never outputs 100% of its listed power therefore a 500W supply will at most get you 450W of power.

Our recommendation: Thermaltake Litepower Series 550W (Rs.4,400)

Thermaltake’s Litepower series is one of the most reliable ones on a budget. It offers protection against all of the problems mentioned above and it’s 100 rupees cheaper than the last time we recommended it.

This PSU is currently available for Rs. 4,400 at Computer Zone

Why we recommend this:

This is an excellent entry-level power supply, with efficiency between 84% and 85% if you pull between 40% and 80% from its maximum load.

This is a terrific buy for building a mainstream gaming PC since it is not too hard on your electricity bill.

3. Motherboard

Motherboard Recommendation: Gigabyte -H110M-H (Rs. 6,600)

Keep in mind that you should go for the DDR4 variant of this motherboard. Even though DDR4 currently offers the same performance as DDR3, DDR4 is future proof for now.

This motherboard is available on CZone for Rs. 6,600

Why we recommend this:

This board is very compact with the perfect number of slots. Plenty of USB connectors on the back and enough for the front of the case as well. Furthermore, it supports several SATA 3.0 cables for plenty of drives. It’s a good budget motherboard, compatible with Skylake processors for upgrading in the future.

4. Processor

Processor Recommendation: Pentium G4400 (Rs. 6950)

In this build we recommend Pentium G4400 because it strikes a superb balance between power and price. It’s roughly half the cost of the cheapest Core i3 processor. The CPU can handle basic everyday tasks without frustrating slowdowns— which is exactly what you want from a cheap PC.

The Pentium G4400 also provides a solid upgrade. Since it’s built using Intel’s 14nm Skylake architecture, it gives you the ability to swap in a Core i3, Core i5, or Core i7 Skylake chip.

It is available on CZone for Rs. 6950.

Why we recommend this:

If you are on a tight budget, the Intel Pentium G4400 will do the job. For a low cost processor, its specifications are pretty decent for the average user.

It is a dual core processor that can handle 2 threads at a time at 3.3GHz with a TDP of 54W.  Beyond that, it has many of the features of other Skylake processors such as support for up to 64GB of DDR4 or DDR3L memory in dual channels.

5. RAM

RAM Recommendation: Kingston 8 GB DDR4 2133 (Rs. 6,500)

The motherboard we recommended earlier has 2 RAM slots. You can double your RAM if you think its not enough in the long run.

This RAM stick is available on Galaxy for Rs. 6500.

Why we recommend this:

It just doesn’t get better than this for budget PC builds.

5. Storage

Storage Recommendation: Seagate Barracuda 1 TB HDD (Rs. 5,499)

As mentioned earlier, this HDD offers a middle ground for storage enthusiasts and frugal (in terms of storage) users. This is a very basic hard drive and is the cheapest one available right now.

This HDD is available on Daraz for Rs. 5,499

Why we recommend this:

Seagate’s 1TB Barracuda 7200.12 uses just two 500 GB platters, whereas other 1TB disks typically use three 333 GB platters, thus squeezing more data onto fewer platters. It has fast read/write speeds and offers great value per gigabyte when you consider its price.

6. Graphics card

Graphics Card Recommendation: Gigabyte GTX 1050 G1 (Rs. 15,500)

The reason why we went with the 1050 is because we wanted to keep power consumption as low as possible, while getting the best possible performance for your gaming sessions in this build.

Marketed as a Full HD Esports gaming card. The GTX 1050 G1 is capable of playing the latest games at Full HD if you’re willing to dial back your settings just a little while staying in the 1080p range.

Having 640 CUDA cores, 1,354MHz core clock and 75W of power consumption, the GTX 1050 doesn’t require an external power connector as well.

The only issue is its 2 GB memory, which limits its potential for future game releases. Not to mention that a lot of AAA current gen games require a lot of memory to work with.

This card is available on CZone for Rs. 15,500.

Why we recommend this:

It has great build quality, virtually silent performance and is a trusted brand name. Its competitive price makes the 1050 G1 Gaming an appealing option for the budget conscious eSports loving gamers or those that just want an entry level 1080p experience. Its definitely one of the best budget friendly cards on the market today.


Far Cry 4 (55 FPS average @1080p)

GTA V (45 FPS @1080p)

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (50 FPS @1080p)

The Surge (52 FPS @1080p)


To sum it all up this build is an entry level, budget 1080p gaming rig that can perform far better than consoles maxing out at 1080p on medium graphics settings and some games on high settings.

Sure it’s not 1080p with 60 FPS (although it comes close), it does perform better than most console games which have a 30 FPS limit. Plus its Rs. 10,000 cheaper than our previous guide last year.

If this build is still expensive for you, then you have the option to buy all these components second hand. This may drop the price point from Rs 51,000 to Rs 30-35,000 in ideal cases, but we recommend that you don’t buy used parts as they usually don’t have a warranty.

Note: The prices for the PC we are recommending are among the cheapest that we could find online at the time of writing this article. If you find a better deal, please let us know in the comments below.

  • Instead of purchasing PC for gaming(only), it would be fruitful to purchase Gaming console + 40″ LED in same price.

      • But if we talk about buying proper legit games, Steam store offers unparalleled discounts.

        • Yes you are damn right about it. Steam has killed the piracy a lot. I hope steam enters the console market.

          • Especially after this South Asian Region thingy a few weeks back. Games which previously cost 20$ are now available for 10$ and so on.

      • Do let me know how will you play exclusives on PC? PC era for gaming is over now. Wake up!

        • Pc gaming, single biggest market for gaming now… cheaper games, Thousands more “exclusives”, Better hardware.. I could go on but its pointless. Telling people to ‘Wake up!’ When you blindly line up to purchase the next era of crap from sony or microsoft which is already years behind pc technology…. irony at its finest.

            • I think only a minority will say ‘Oooo another exclusive game so I must buy PS4’ ^^

              • anyone who is saying Last of Us 2, God of War are not must buys, we’ll they are actually in denial and definitely are a minority

            • While I’ll admit the last of us series of games are fantastic, and naughty dog a superb developer of games… Does it not make you a little annoyed that due to this “Exclusivity” it’ll never quite be the game it could be if it was open platform?

              • the thing is that they know where the players are more then you and i could ever know, PC gaming is declining when you see how many gamers are moved on to console. Infact there are less games being played in online tournaments using PC than PS4, and definitely PC gaming promotes illegal, cracked and pirated games

                • Do you have source information for your claims? I can post multiple sources to disprove both of your claims. Tournaments are massive on pc because it’s the best system to play on. Nobody wants to play for huge cash prizes on sub par TVs at 30fps… PC gaming is growing, the Asian market has exploded in terms of pc gaming. Year on year growth has happened and continues to happen both in terms of hardware sales and in game player base. Games are so cheap on pc, you’d have to be destitute to pirate nowadays. There is in fact no objective reason to move to console solely. Sure, buy one for the exclusives, but after that put it down, because pretty much everything else you play which is also on pc is nothing short of an absolute let down.

                  • EVO is one of the biggest event in gaming and most of all the games are played on consoles.
                    I think if you take all the useless gimmicks of 144Hz and 60fps aside consoles are the best platform to game on.

                    • Absolutely no objectivity to that comment at all. ‘I Think’ doesn’t qualify as fact. How are faster refresh rates gimmicks? I suppose faster hardware is too? The console guys always have a new gimmick.for you guys to part with your cash on, what about 4k? Oh wait… That didn’t actually happen did it? Or not when they said anyway… Or HDR? PC’s had that for years! It’s just another teat for you gullible lot to suckle at… I’m done here, your total lack of objectivity, critical analysis and source material from which you reference has told me you actually have no argument to offer besides stamping your feet with your controller in your hand.

                    • so actually you said that console have achieved 4k and HDR. Couldn’t agree more. And you forgot about VR. Oh wait, it’s useless on PC.
                      No matter what PC enthusiasts say about consoles, people will go for consoles cause it cost less and have must play exclusives from day 1.
                      Fact, PS4 sold more than people who build a comparable gaming PC.
                      #68million units sold till now, just wait when GOW and LOU2 are released.

          • yea 4k 60fps and don’t forget those 144hz monitor on PC gaming and top of that games are actually develop on PC even if they are meant for consoles. Gaming PC can be an all rounder but that is not the case with consoles.

          • exactly, consoles are so much more weaker than even lower-midrange PCs in terms of actual hardware

            can’t believe some console people’s arguments

        • hahaha … this is really deluded

          there are TIMED exclusives on Consoles while there are permanent exclusives on PC.

          nuff said

          • I was making a mockery of the people who think that cracked version of FIFA still works. Since FIFA 16 the cracked versions get crashed. So one have to own a full game to make it work.

            • if that’s a DRM crash, then it’s pretty pathetic

              because even LEGIT gamers (non-pirates) have DRM crashes and absolutely LOATHE the DRM scheme

              and they eventually get fixed

          • No i don’t need a link. Thanks, but do share a video if you get a cracked version up and running with all teams.

    • Nobody buys PC for ‘gaming’ only, there are also many other uses which sadly console cannot perform.

        • that 51k Machines is ALOT more stronger than current GEN consoles and can do stuff that consoles cant

            • right, it says gaming machine but you would be very naive to think a user will adhere to a title on an article and not use the PC for absolutely ANYTHING else …

              be sensible.

                • to each their own

                  but i really do think you are missing the point or the diversity of a PC’s capability.

                  Gaming machines is just a moniker to highlight a computer’s capability to handle the complex code and game engine load of a particular software (aka a PC Game in simple lingo)

                  so yes, while the computer’s main selling point or rather it’s most strong point is that it can handle games quite comfortably, people do tend to do other work on these ‘gaming’ PCs rather just use them for games all their life. It’s common sense


                  • You might be right about the capability of the PC for gaming but that is not the real issue. The real issue is the headache that PC’s cause while gaming. You might think my PC is brand new with all the latest hardware and drivers. Still you can’t be sure the game that is going to be released tomorrow would work properly on your particular gaming PC. The reason is lucid and that is the new game wasn’t made according to your PC’s specs or wasn’t optimized to work with it. So, you would have to do a lot of tinkering in order to adjust the frame rates and patch it as well in order to run it fully optimized.

                    • yes, fair point.

                      the thing is, everything has a duration when going up against demanding games.

                      a CPU can last for a good 5 years (go read on i5-2500k , which really held for for a VERY long time)

                      while GPUs do tend to have lower timing they last 2-3 years and probably more if you know your way around game settings … unless they’re high-end, in which case they last a bit more.

                      it does sound a bit difficult for some people to put up with all this, but PC enthusiasts like me have no problem dealing with these issues.

    • You’ll need to buy all the games. Why not get a pc and get all the older (like Crysis, Crysis 2 etc) and the newer games for free.
      Not to mention the general usability of being able to do a lot more on a PC.

    • WHICH game console exactly, in that range ?

      i’m sure you haven’t heard of the PCMR …

    • It is there but out of stock for now and czone was just for reference. I’m sure if you visit the market you can find this case or similar case in this price range.

  • Buy a gaming console for around 25 and for the rest of your work a 40,000 laptop can do it for the next four years. Stop being stupid. I had built a pc back in 2012. I spent around 60,000 at the time. I have played games on it but they always lagged a lot even with the best available budget Nvidia. I used GTX 650 which was for around 12000 at that time. Even games like Watch dogs that released with the release of GTX 650 lagged even with the latest drivers. You might think I made a mistake somewhere. No, the biggest mistake was buying a heavy duty PC. If I had bought a PS4 that time I could have played Watch dogs at best speed. So, if you are thinking of buying a PC ignore this post. Buy a PS4 as it still has around 5 five years of life. Because if PS5 releases in 2019 september. The games would continue to roll out until 2023. Buy a good budget laptop of either Dell or HP for simple work. Because most of you don’t need most powerful laptops to run excel, word or chrome. Most importantly if you want to run ram consuming softwares like ANSYS or Photoshop then a 35-40 thousand laptop can keep you happy.
    One more thing, powerful PC’s are meant for gaming and gaming only. I can’t think of any such use of the excessive power it provides. It’s the same stupidity that people are doing with the smartphones. Why you need a 6GB phone when five years old 3GB phone can do all the things.

    • That’s your personal experience.
      For me I got my PC in 2011, got an HD 6850 in 2012 (Rs. 18,000) which lasted until 2015 (it died, sadly). I also spent around Rs. 55,000 at that time.
      I could run all the games on max or near max gfx on 1366 x 768 resolution.
      watchdogs was an exception because the game was poorly optimized and had issues even on better gaming PCs.

      What’s more you need to buy all the games on a PS4, if you estimate the price for all the games i played from 2012 to 2015 on the pc i could easily buy a ps4 for that much money. Not to mention the late ps4 era games which would hardly run on 20 something frames per second. Just like how late ps3 era games were hardly playable.

      and no powerful PC’s aren’t just used for gaming only, you can edit videos on it you can use it as a server or a workstation or use it for graphics designing if you’re from that field.

      • At first you said that your PC died. SAD, because a PS3 is still alive and being sold. New games like FIFA 18, NBA 2K18 and others are still released. So even after a decade it’s alive. If you have played so many games. You think Watch dogs was an exception. Okay tell me if you have played Batman Arkham series. Even the first part of the game i.e Asylum would have issues running on PC if it’s a cracked version. At the very beginning of the game where you have to free a police guard from a villain. There is a deliberate glitch introduced by the developers to punish the people who like pirated games. Have you crossed that point or you would say batman isn’t your thing. If you haven’t played this game then you are not a serious gamer in my thoughts. Keep enjoying Piracy until it lasts.
        One last thing, even the biggest of the coders don’t require a workstation if they are in Pakistan as no real research is being conducted by pakistanis. I am 99% sure that none of the propakistani reader needs one. Workstation is a ultra hyped word for heavy duty PC. I can do graphic designing and video editing on my lenovo G560 which is a dual core 2011 edition. Oh it can even run the MATLAB and Simulink 2017. My GOD, why would I need your workstation.

  • What will you do with a 128 bit card? Play games that were released half a decade ago? or play dangerous dave may be.

    • Exaggerating much, aren’t we? It will play today’s game but one should forget those ‘ultra high’ settings and again, we are talking about a budget build.

    • 384 or 512 bit memory bandwidth is the need of the day but don’t underestimate 128/256 bit GPUs either, they can get work done just as well… and they are not much of a bottleneck !

  • Yep especially that 8th gen i3 which is going to be quad core, best bet for a budget gamer and powerful enough for a few years easily.

    P.S: Propakistani, da mn you for this intrusive and annoying Telenor ad.

  • So spend over Rs. 50,000 for a two generation old low end gaming PC that can’t even maintain 60 fps (because you cheaped out on the CPU, btw)? I’d rather add Rs. 10,000 more and get an Xbox One X. At least the games would look much better downsampled to 1080p.

    PCs only have the advantage when you can get 60+ fps (really though you should be aiming for 144 Hz) with High / Ultra settings. Anything below this and you should just get a console since it would be much cheaper.

    • Maybe he hates wiggle sticks?

      >downscaled to 1080p


      You can be happy if you get native 1080p 60fps. It stil has the most terrible laptop apu at 2.3ghz boosted. Jaguar fucking sucks and im sure you should know what a bottleneck is.

      Man you even pay extra to play your mp games online.

      Consoles are for dumb, lazy people

      • This.
        And you can updrade your individual components from time to time.

        ‘PCs only have the advantage when you can get 60+ fps (really though you should be aiming for 144 Hz) with High / Ultra settings.’

        He seems to be stuck with this comment in every topic like this.

        One should wait for the new generation processors to come out rather than buying PC components now as Coffeelake is better than 6th/7th gen. And also to silence these so called console players who shove consoles in every comment whenever they can regarding the performance criteria.

        • As if Ryzen does not exist. Coffelake is barely available in stock in Europe and the USA, when it comes to Pakistan by December good luck finding any little value the quad i3 has at MSRP when you’ll be paying 20k for a locked quad.

          Ryzen beats anything an everything, especially considering the inflated Intel prices in Pakistan

          • Yep but no official presence in Pakistan is a little troublesome. As someone pointed out czone is selling Ryzen processors but with some months warranty. Anyways AMD was and is best bang for the buck.

            • with Ryzen, it has ABSOLUTELY been worth it’s weight in gold !

              Ryzen beat it’s Intel competition for a fraction of the price … so if it was available here with official pricing, Intel would have a hard time taking this market.

          • I’m sure you already know this but Intel prices in Pakistan aren’t inflated at all. Compare them to their international prices (including taxes in those countries) and add 2000-3000 for shipping costs + retail markup and you’ll find the prices to be competitive. That’s the advantage of having something available officially.

            Ryzen in Pakistan is a joke though. I got a 1700X + ASUS Prime X370-Pro from the US for $450 in a bundle. In Pakistan, a 1700X alone costs around Rs. 44,000 without warranty.

            • that’s just stupid taxes and poor IT policies … this is what happens when brainless d*cks run the country

              Ryzen has a brilliant price-to-performance ratio and it did beat it’s Intel counterparts for a fraction of the price. Intel is inherently expensive and seeks to monopolize the CPU market, which is why there has been an influx of budget and even mid-high builds being based on Ryzen in regions where it is easily acquired (EU/NA).

              I’d totally go for a Ryzen build if AMD ever came back to Pakistan !

              • AMD’s reliability has been a huge problem in the past, and I haven’t seen evidence of that improving with Ryzen. I had a K6 based system almost two decades ago which died within a couple of years and then my Phenom II X4 build also died within 2 years almost a decade ago. I decided to not trust AMD again until they start giving at least 3 Year warranty in Pakistan since AMD has always cost more than comparable Intel builds even when it was officially available here.

                • i haven’t had much experience with AMD except for a legacy system some time back and i had it for a very short time, so can’t vouch for it’s longevity.

                  Your case looks like some very bad luck, probably bad batch of CPUs/Mobos being shipped to Pakistan.

                  however, Ryzen deserves every chance. it’s been in development since 2012 and i’m sure, after several years of Intel dominance, AMD have thought out their whole approach for Ryzen and Ryzen2.

                  • I really doubt it. Built a Ryzen 7 1700X system about 2 months ago. It took two days of multiple tweaks, bios flashes and OS re-installs to even get the machine to be stable. Otherwise it would crash within 30 minutes since Ryzen’s memory controller has issues with high speed DDR4 memory and behaves very oddly with different DRAM configurations on the motherboard. Ditto for M.2 based SSDs. Trying to set them up in RAID didn’t work so had to finally let that idea go and just went with a single Samsung 1TB 960 Pro for the boot drive.

      • hahah … you sound exactly like a PCMR guy, @Beathus:disqus

        but well said, consoles do have weaker hardware. plus not EVERYONE can afford a 144 Hz setup !

        for me, i’d be personally very happy if i can run the next 3-5 years of AAA games with 40+ FPS stable on High or Mid-High graphics settings without lags and glitches !

        it really is all about perspective. the $ to PKR fluctuations have s c r e w e d over the PC gamer in Pakistan or else we’d all have access to very good and very affordable gaming PCs with a good performance durability of at least 3 years !

        • My current PC setup cost nearly $3000 (both mix of local and import parts) and I’m still waiting on i7-8700K to be available locally. If I didn’t care about playing a couple of multiplayer games like Overwatch at 144Hz, I would’ve never even considered a new build.

          • good for you then … although i am not sure what is the purpose of this reply ? are you actively support PC gaming or against it?

            btw, If i had those sort of resources available, i would also be busy gaming on my PC :D

            • I was just pointing out that building a decent quality gaming machine is very expensive, specially in Pakistan so it’s usually better to go with consoles here if all you want to do is game. PC’s only advantage is high framerates and if you’re not aiming for that, then just get a console.

              • oh, fair enough.

                although i am more than willing to spend a bit more (rates for current gen consoles are around $500, i presume) to atleast have a solid base(CPU+Mobo+RAM+ssd/1tbHDD) for a long lasting PC build, that will serve me on all fronts(i am a Computer Engineer by profession), in addition to gaming.

                you can always cold-plug a good budget GPU (RX480 8GB or 1060 6GB, currently) for completing the build.

                i do have some contradicting view with regards to PC’s advantages over console in gaming. it’s not just frames. remember the high quality texture pack for GTA V ? i think the capability to replace PC parts with stronger variants for an extended period of time, allows people to optimize games visually and performance-wise.

                i cannot confirm but i did read somewhere that graphics settings are more or less preset in consoles. you should also check out the PCMR on facebook for some more info regarding this.

                • That’s why I said a console is better if you’re only building a cheap PC for gaming. If you need it for work, that’s a completely separate thing.

                  I spent (and am willing to spend that much) because I need high performance machines anyways since I’m usually running multiple VMs and Docker containers and really need all the RAM and CPU threads I can get. I’m stuck with 32 GB at the moment because of the insane RAM prices worldwide this year. I got a Gskill Ripjaws V 3200 MHz 64 GB kit (16 GB x 4) for $288 in March 2016 for a build. This July, the lowest price I could find for Ripjaws V 3200MHz 32 GB kit (16 GB x 2) was $274. Prices have effectively more than doubled in the past 1.5 years.

                  I’ve worked on developing for VR and AR in the past and that also needs some serious muscle under the hood to keep Unity and Visual Studio happy while having low build times to iterate quickly. That Ryzen machine I mentioned above was for a rendering system that also needed a 1080 Ti and multiple Samsung 1TB 960 Pro to have respective render times for the video pipeline.

                  TL;DR, if you are already building PCs for these use cases, spending a little extra for gaming isn’t really outrageous. But if you’re not going to be doing anything remotely similar to this (which is the audience this article is aiming for), just get a console since it’s going to be cheaper in the long run.

      • Yes. I pay about $40 a year to play my games online. In return, 48 games completely free in that year, plus weekly discounts on more games. I also don’t have to rebuy the same game multiple times if any of my brothers want to play the same game, like I have to buy each game separately for each account on the PC.

        I play a lot of Overwatch. On the Xbox, I paid $60 once for the game, and all four of us can play it on the console. I also play it on the PC and if any of my brothers want to play it, they’ll need to pay $40 for each account to be able to play. Same goes for PUBG since it doesn’t work with Steam game sharing.

        Oh and if it wasn’t clear, my GTX 1080 allows me to play at 4K on the PC, but I prefer to game at 1440p 144Hz instead. That doesn’t mean I still don’t enjoy my Xbox since I have over 150 games for the Xbox vs only 2 that I play on the PC.

    • I never like consoles, but Xbox 1X is really exceptional, its hardware is outstanding compared to same price tag PC.
      But I still prefer PC, I am habitual to WSAD.

      • For me it’s mixed really. I prefer to play competitive FPS games on PC, like Overwatch and PUBG. But 3rd person (GTA Online, Gears 4), driving (Forza), sports (FIFA) and the rest, I prefer on console.

        My PC cost almost $3000 to build but it’s not really 6 times as powerful as the One X when it comes to gaming, so yeah the Xbox One X provides exceptional value for the money.

  • 51000 rs kharch kr key kon si game kheli jati hai? aisi game btao jis sa lakshmi aaye……

  • This post is pure waste of money.
    Buy an E3 Xeon PC from OLX for 15-20k and Buy a 1050ti for almost 22k. You will be able to play most of the latest games on ultra settings at 50FPS. That will a budget PC in 37k and you can do all your 4K stuff with ease.

    • Human eye can only feel lag below 29FPS, most of the videos on YouTube and (Ahem pirated) are encoded with 29/30 FPS because of same reason, but more means buttery smooth.

      • This is actually myth that has been disproved several times. You can easily spot the difference between 30 fps and 60 fps. Just play a 1080p60 YouTube video at regular 1080p (30 fps mode) and you’ll immediately notice jitter. If you have decent to good vision and aren’t too old, you’ll also notice a considerable difference between 60 fps and 144 fps. In fact, people can process information a lot faster than that but this deteriorates quickly with age.

        • No Boss, its not myth, its technology, I was reading about it, since I post that 30FPS, its actually 23PFS which is optimal for Human eye, below that will make jitters or lag, but again it depends on the “objects in the particular area” more objects means more FPS required for smooth playback, Videos are already processed so they don’t required much processing power, but for games they’re live processing so required great GPU/VRam, as I said earlier more FPS means buttery smooth playback, but 30FPS is enough stable for eye candy.

          Here is comparison.

  • bhai playstation 4 ya playstation 4 slim kitny ki mil jati h market se? me ne buy krni h.
    plz agr kisi ko exact price ka pta h to share krde??

    • 30 to 32 k, but remember the price here goes up and down according to the season. I mean in summer vacations here the PS4 was sold for 45k cause it was selling like hot cakes and stock was shorting out

  • The best bet for the budget gamer in Pakistan is either overclocked Sandy bridge or going AM4. Coffeelake is a joke, it’s hardly available on a good price in the US. The i5 8600k is some pretty great value at MSRP which is impossible in Pakistan. Some one with knowledge of Intel and AMD’s roadmaps would either go AM4 or wait for Ice lake.

    • 8th gen CPUs are in their own league because after much awaited intel launches 6 cores 12 thread on mainstream which were earlier only available in high end. Same performance bump we also find in 8th gen i5 and i3.
      But intel disappoints on chipset side as z370 has minimal difference from z270.

  • Are there some good monitors that would work with this build?Any recommmendations?I do not want a gaming monitor.

  • Will the PC casing mentioned in this article have a slot for installing optical/DVD drive?

  • What is this argument about getting a console? Get a console for 40k cool. 5000 for yearly multiplayer subscription. Then if you wanna play fifa with friends buy a controller for 5000+ and then buy a game for 4000+
    Congrats. You got yourself a console with one game for 50k now buy 3 more games and your cost will go to 60k and after a year you will realize you spent over 1 lac on your “cheap console” so instead save for a year and build a pc that’s future proof.
    It’s not that hard.

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