PIA Flight ‘Forgets’ to Bring Coffins From New York

PIA is always embroiled in controversy. In fact, it looks like PIA and controversy are two sides of the same coin.

This time PIA apparently “forgot” to fly two coffins to Karachi from New York.

As they say, a bad workman blames his tools, PIA decided to go with the same story. Instead of taking the responsibility for what happened, PIA blamed the agency that provides luggage handling services to the national airline.

Blamed The Logistics Company

PIA spokesperson, Mashood Tajwar, expressing solidarity with the grieving families, indicated that it was the Logistics Company’s fault that the coffins were not delivered to the airline.

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A layman would ask why the records were not cross checked before the plane began its flight.

PIA CEO Expresses His Concern

As usual, CEO PIA Dr Musharraf Rasool expressed solidarity with the families and ordered a detailed investigation on the matter.

The CEO also directed the organization to handle the funeral proceedings properly. One of the deceased will be buried in a graveyard in Maryland USA, while the other will be brought home by Etihad Airlines, as demanded by the grieving family.

Hopefully the investigation will reveal the cause behind this mishap.

Via Express

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