India Helps Pakistan Take the Number 1 Spot in ICC T20I Rankings

Safaraz Ahmed’s hard work is starting to pay off as Pakistan’s T20 side just made history by climbing to the top spot in the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) T20I Rankings.


The cricket governing body said that this is the first time ever for the Pakistani team to have achieved this spot.

New Zealand previously held the No. 1 spot and after India beat New Zealand in the recent T20 series, New Zealand got pushed below and Pakistan climbed to the first spot.

Prior to that Pakistan had reached within touching distance after defeating Sri Lanka in the recent home series by 3-0. It boosted Pakistan’s ranking points to 124, just 1 below the top ranked New Zealand.

Pakistan has won 12 out of the last 14 T20I matches so far, displaying Pakistan’s unmatched strength in the limited overs format.

New Zealand, the ex-top T20 team lost to India by 53 runs in their first T20 match of the series. India scored 202-3 while New Zealand only managed to get 148-8.


This loss pushed New Zealand below to the second spot. India retains their 5th rank in ICC’s T20 Rankings. However, the T20 series is currently underway and depending on its outcome, New Zealand can regain its top rank if it beats India in the next two matches. Here are the different possible scenarios and their respective ranking points for each case:

  • If India wins 3-0 – India will have 122 points, New Zealand 114 points
  • If India wins 2-1- New Zealand will have 121 points, India 118 points
  • If New Zealand wins 2-1- New Zealand will have 126 points, India 115 points
  • If New Zealand wins 3-0 – New Zealand will have 132 points, India 111 points

Pakistan Cricket team has found great talent in recent times; Hasan Ali has been ranked as the top-bowler in ICC’s ODI Rankings. Moreover, Pakistan Cricket team has been on a winning streak ever since Sarfraz took over as the captain.

Pakistan has rarely managed to reach the number 1 spot in any format of cricket. Previously, the team managed to stay on top of the ICC Test rankings for a brief amount of time, only for the second time in 28 years.


    Bohat Jald Test, T20 & ODI Main
    Pakistan Team Number 1
    Pakistan Bowler Number 1
    Pakistan Batsman Number 1
    Pakistani All Rounder Number 1
    Pakistani High PartnerShip Number 1
    Pakistani Highest Score Number 1
    Pakistani Most Wickets Number 1
    Pakistani Most Wining Trophy Number 1

    • Majority Pak-Ind k matches mein interest nhn rakhte Indian majority sirf jahil logon se bhari hui hain, baat karne tak ki tameez nhn hai, Indians ko sirf gaalam galoch k siwa kch nhn aata.
      Pakistan ko to icc tournament mein group matches b nhn khelne chahiye, knock out round ek alag baat hai.

  • INDIA DID NOT HELP—- NO 1 was NOT decided on ONE MATCH— Its a process for over many years………..

  • @Sarmad Sameer.
    Ghanta India ki wajah se, Pakistan consecutive 5 series jeeta hai aur Indian team zara jaye NewZealand Khushboo laga kar oqaat dikha degi team New Zealand india ko.
    Title hamesha bande ko soch samajh k likhna chahiye

  • How India helped? They were favorite to win and they won. Infact if you check Cricinfo article for the match you will see NZ fielders dropped three crucial catches which might have affected the result so they helped India, not the other way round. Pakistan got number 1 ranking fair and square not because of some one else help.

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