Smog Victims: PIA Passengers Dropped Halfway & Told to Travel by Bus

Cancelled flights, aggrieved employees, and disgruntled passengers, PIA keeps on sweeping the headlines every now and then.

This time, PIA’s Abu Dhabi to Rahim Yar Khan Flight had to land at Lahore Airport due to bad weather and low visibility, as per official reports.

Passenger’s Demands

In an attempt to compensate the passengers, PIA offered to take them to their destination through a bus service. The passengers refused to accept the proposal and in turn made their own demands.

Passengers insisted that they should be at least dropped off at Multan Airport through air service. Taking the road to Rahim Yar Khan from Lahore takes around eight to nine hours, while Multan to Rahim Yar Khan takes around 4 hours.

No Respite: PIA Makes 7 Passengers Stand During An Entire Flight

PIA’s Response

As per reports, PIA didn’t handle the situation very well. Passengers refused to leave the plane until their demands were fulfilled. PIA, instead of negotiating with the passengers, decided to take extreme measures.

Reportedly, the PIA staff, mistreated the passengers and shut down the air conditioning system which resulted in suffocation of many including minors. So much for “Turning the negative situation into the positive one.”

This isn’t the first time that our national flag carrier has been involved in controversy but apparently the management just doesn’t get the message.

Via GeoNews

    • Jahaz bhee to nimrod ki zamanay ki hain.. ainak laga ker chaltay hain, so i assume smog really is a serious issue for PIA… can’t blame PIA at all…

      • Na Na Aisa Nahi Kehte hai K Wo Glases Laga K Urate hai
        PIA Jiase Bhi hai Pakistan Ka Hai
        Ha Wo Alag Bat hai K Piolt PEE K Urate hai : PEENE Walo Ko to Kuch Nazar Nahi Ata :p

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