Abdul Wali Khan University Fires 70 Employees with Pending Contracts

After the appointment of a new vice chancellor, the Abdul Wali Khan University (AWKU) has fired around 70 employees who still had their contracts pending with the University.

Professor Dr. Ihsan Ali Khan, the former vice chancellor of the AWKU, retired 5 months ago and since then, the university did not have a full-time VC available. Back in July 2017, Professor Dr. Khursheed had been appointed as the new head because the varsity did not have a permanent vice chancellor and was running without a head.

The University has seen great changes ever since the new VC has been appointed.

According to a senior official from the AWKU, 70 contractual staff members of the University have been fired under the new head. The VC even halted hiring of new employees, after redirecting the administration, in order to control the expenses and to reduce the financial burden the University is facing.

An official, who chose to remain anonymous, reported that he was concerned about the University’s massive wage expense. It had increased from Rs 600.2 million to Rs 900.3 million in a span of one year from July 2016 until August 2017.

Interestingly, 30 of the sacked employees had a lower pay than the grade 15 – which is lower than the basic category according to a confirmation by the Deputy Registrar of AWKU, Hassan Khan. Moreover, Dr. Khursheed changed the duration of minimum contract length with employees to one year, only allowing the contract to be extended – if needed – to a maximum of three years.

He assured that after the contracts of these employees expire at the end of the week, they will get their termination letters from the varsity.

Via Tribune

  • Well this university is close to my home in mardan. I know how all employees are hired without following any merit by the then ANP govt in KP.

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