The Funny Side of No Holiday on Iqbal Day [Social Media Reactons]

9th November is celebrated as Iqbal Day every year to honor the efforts of Allama Muhammad Iqbal. Until 2015, the day was observed as a public holiday, however, the Interior Ministry of Pakistan decided to abrogate it.

A petition was filed to declare the Iqbal Day as a public holiday this year as well, but it was rejected yet again.

And when you deprive Pakistanis of a public holiday, it backfires big time. Same is the case with Iqbal Day, and Pakistanis are not happy at all.

Let’s see what people are saying about the scenario.

No comments.

This is definitely not acceptable for Pakistanis.

Sad, indeed.

While others highlighted the dilemma of this nation.

The tragedy of the nation.

Other days should be cancelled too, no?

Media’s role is definitley questionable.

The authorities have had to face a barrage of criticism over their decision.

On a lighter note.

NS jokes never get old.


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