829 Posts Vacant in Punjab’s ‘State-of-the-Art Hospital’

While there are more than 5 million unemployed people in Pakistan, the children hospital Lahore is unable to find 829 people to fill the vacancies. Although the hospital was recently refurbished it has failed to attract professors and assistant professors as of yet.

614 new beds were brought in during the revamping phase of the Children Hospital.

The hospital was inaugurated by CM Punjab in September. The total cost of building this modern facility was around Rs. 2.5 billion, which also saw an increase of beds to 1,100. The upgradation also included a building consisting of 16 new operation theatres.


Hina Pervaiz Butt, PML N MPA Punjab assembly criticised the authorities for not taking a proper action to fill the posts.

A resolution was also submitted to the government as parliament demanded that these posts be filled as soon as possible.

The vacant posts in a hospital, which is said to have Asia’s biggest health facility in terms of providing healthcare to the children, is a serious matter of concern.

Another spokesperson from the health department said that this issue isn’t limited to this institute only. Continuing, he said, apart from this institute, there are other government health institutions where there are vacant posts and that it is just a departmental issue and nothing more.

“The health department has constructed this state-of-the-art health facility, so why would we not fill vacant posts?” he inquired. “All work is going to be done on time”

Response from Hospital Authorities

Dr. Masood Sadiq, head professor and dean Institute of Child Health, confuted the words coming his way and said that this resolution makes no sense.

He said that these allegations are false criticism and authorities have already taken action to fill the vacant posts.

The interviews of assistant professor and other important posts are ongoing. Therefore, it is not right to say the administration is not doing anything to fill these vacant posts.

Dr. Masood added that 200 nurses were hired and efforts are being made to bring in more for related posts. According to him, hiring of most of the specialist professors have already been fulfilled.

He also stated that on health department’s approval the assistant professors are working the job of professors. As per him, the staff is working hard to prove the government’s vision of making this institute a prestigious example for others to follow.

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