Sarfaraz, Wahab & Babar’s Singing Skills Break the Internet [Video]

When a team is doing well (talking about cricket, of course), the players seem to enjoy themselves both on and off the field. Pakistan team has made a reputation in the past year or so and it is partly attributed to the bonding between the team players.

Same is the case with Pakistan; there’s a sense of positivity, players are gelled in well in the setup and the team is flourishing under the captaincy of Champions Trophy winning captain, Sarfaraz Ahmed.

Let’s talk about the singing talents of our superstars; everyone knows for a fact that Sarfaraz has no match when it comes to singing, and this time around, joining him were none other than Wahab Viki Riaz and the batting sensation Babar Azam.

The Snapchat story of Wahab Riaz featuring the cricketers singing different Shaadi songs went viral where Sarfaraz was in his absolute best singing form. Babar and Wahab chipped in as well, singing ‘Dulhay ka Sehra’ and ‘Mubarak ho tumko ye Shaadi tumhari’ along with a few others and it’s breaking the internet.

The caption for ‘Dulhay ka Sehra’ said ‘Saifi is looking for another marriage’ and it absolutely hilarious. Sarfaraz’s love for classic sad songs was on display when we came to know that he loves ‘Aur is dil me kya rakha hai’.

The players were going back to Islamabad after the PSL 3 Draft ceremony which was held in Lahore. Enjoying their way back to the capital, they displayed their singing talents and it gave us all goose-bumps.

I’m sure you’ll love Sarfaraz more after this, won’t you?

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