Medical Colleges’ Fee Hike Decision Reversed

Private medical colleges will charge Rs. 642,000 a year — same as last year — as directed by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC). Private colleges demanded that yearly fee be increased to Rs 1.3 million.

Cancelled Agreement

Pakistan Association of Medical and Dental Institutions (PAMI) and PMDC held several meetings where the demands of PAMI were heard by the Council. Both bodies reached an agreement of increasing yearly fee to Rs 800,000. PMDC also issued a notification to Ministry of National Health Services Regulations and Coordination recommending the increment in fee.

The Twist

However, PMDC canceled the fee hike and ordered that fee will stand where it was last year. The decision of increasing fee from Rs 640,000 to Rs 800,000 was annulled by PMDC as private medical colleges violated the regulations issued by central governing Council.

Violation of Rules

PMDC cancelled the increment in fees in response to the rules’ violations committed by private colleges. Private colleges started taking new admissions way before the official date issued by PMDC. The date issued by PMDC was 31st October, however, private medical and dental colleges started advertisements for different dates.

Private colleges admitted students before public dental and medical colleges which is clearly not allowed as per PMDC rules. Furthermore, PMDC said that students admitted in violation of rules would not be registered with the Council.

As a result of multiple violations committed by private colleges PMDC decided to take stern measures and cancel its decision of increase in fee.

Instructions by PMDC

PMDC issued Admission Regulations 2016 – vide S.R.O.1003 (1) 2016 dated October 27, 2016 for admissions, internships and house jobs. The council strictly advised the students seeking admissions, their parents and colleges to follow the issued notification.

The council made it clear that it is the only regulatory council in Pakistan and all concerned persons shall follow regulations issued by the council.

Via: Tribune