PESCO Employees Take Oath Against Corruption

As rare as a hen’s teeth, Peshawar Electric Supply Corporation (PESCO) employees pledged on Saturday to stay out of corruption. They vowed to read the meters of homes and businesses carefully and issue a correct and fair bill.

Chief Executive Engineer of Pesco, Shabir Ahmad, took an earnest oath from employees and officials of the Hazara wing to maintain high standards without any corruption and be professional and loyal to their duties.

The ceremony was held at Wapda Rest House. Hazara SE Qazi Tahir, Electric Union Chairman Jamil Tanoli, and others were also present at the oath-taking ceremony.

The main purpose of this oath-taking ceremony is to ensure customer satisfaction. Meter readers mainly use to plot up an incorrect bill by over or under billing, referring to it as an unintentional mistake. Meter readers are also accused to slip up on power theft.

“Pesco is converting all its manual process to automation and the billing of 110 subdivisions has been shifted on mobile meters for customer satisfaction and accuracy,” said Shabbir. “The power company has achieved around 85 percent accuracy and installed over 12,000 automated meter reading systems on high-end customers, consuming above 20 kilowatts for real-time billing”, he further added.

New online connection forms are introduced as well as the online metering application form is also available on Pesco’s official website to simplify the way consumers interested in selling energy can apply.

“Pesco has increased its networking connectivity to 76 accounting/field offices for better flow of information and official correspondence, whereas up to 84 percent implementation of the photo-meter reading system has been completed to curb electricity pilferage,” says the chief executive.

100 percent implementation of the photo-meter reader system was ensured earlier this year by Anwar-Ul-Haq Yousafzai, the former Pesco chief.

Employees who fulfill their tasks honestly and correctly would be rewarded, announced the chief.

Via Tribune

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