Protests Cause Fuel Shortage Across Pakistan

The recent protests in Pakistan by religious activists has caused chaos all over the country. Apart from being unable to commute because of blocked roads, citizens of Pakistan are now facing another crisis: fuel shortage.

The shortage of fuel is mainly observed in Lahore — more than 60 percent fuel stations in the city have dried out — but reports are gathering that other cities such as Karachi and Faisalabad are also affected.

Media reports that tankers carrying oil have been stranded near Sheikhupura, Wazirabad, Karachi and Gujranwala due to roads closure caused by protests.

Various petrol stations in the city are closed at the moment, causing a muddle for the citizens.

At present, due to the blockage of enter and exit routes of cities, more than 370 petrol stations are facing fuel shortage in Pakistan.

However, the government has finally reached an agreement with the TLP leader, Khadim Hussain Rizvi, and the situation is expected to get better.

Following the announcement of the agreement, the spokesperson of Oil Tankers Association confirmed that the fuel supply would be restored from Karachi and other cities.

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