Nelson Mandela’s Grandson Arrives in Pakistan for Khatam-e-Nabbuwat Conference

Nelson Mandela’s grandson, Mandla Mandela has arrived in Lahore to attend ‘Tajdar-e-Khatam-e-Nabbuwat Conference’. Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) head sent an invitation to Nelson Mandela’s grandson which he gladly accepted saying;

“I am very happy to come here.” He further added, talking to media at the airport,


I am not here for any political interests, my grandfather also loved Pakistan.

He clarified that this visit is to celebrate Milad un Nabi with the people of Pakistan and there no are political motives behind this.

First Ever Visit

Mandla Mandela embraced Islam in 2016 and it’s his first ever visit to Pakistan. Mandla was in Medina before he accepted Tahir ul Qadri’s invitation to come to Lahore.

PAT’s representatives say it was due to the South African Minhaj ul Quran’s efforts that the African Parliamentarian embraced Islam.

Mandla Mandela is grandson of Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela.

Nelson Mandela was a revolutionary political leader and the first ever Black president of democratic state of South Africa, who served as the head of state from 1994-1999. Nelson Mandela is recognized worldwide for his fight for the rights of African people.

        • There is only one version of ISLAM and that is ALLAH’s version, every other version is biddat, BTW u sounded very stupid by that comment of yours but that is understandable bcoz there are more stupid people in this world than smart ones.

      • For ur painfull and suiside thinking
        Its inform to u with humble and honour that Mr Mandla already accecpted the brighter vision of Tuq about islam.
        He read the Holy translation of Quran in English by Tahir ul Qadri and then converted in islam.

        • TQ uses “AQA” and “MAULA” for Hazrat ALI (RA) and LAST Prophet Muhammad (SAW), it can only be use for ALLAH, which clearly means that TQ do biddat and shirk. Hellfire is waiting for TQ and his followers INSHALLAH. On top of that TQ is biddati brelvi, a sect which is created by East India Company, world’s first known militant terrorist evil corporation.

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