New Islamabad Airport Gets The Most Modern Fire-Fighting Trucks in Pakistan

While the construction of new Islamabad Airport is yet to see the daylight, we have got the first look at its firefighting facility. The new airport will have modern Striker 3000 firefighting trucks to combat any unwanted situation.

Pakistan does previously own these trucks and they are currently present at various airports including Faisalabad and Saidu Sharif airports. However, the already-present trucks are Striker 1500 (4×4) generation. The new trucks at Islamabad Airport are of 6-wheel Striker 3000 series with 6×6 7-speed automatic transmission.

Oshkosh, leading American manufacturer, delivered 24 firefighting trucks to Civil Aviation Authority back in 2010 which included both 4 wheelers and 6 wheelers. The trucks are specifically designed for Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) to respond to and mitigate fire emergencies at airports.


Striker 3000 features;

  • Water tank with capacity of 3000 gallons.
  • Foam tank of 420 gallons capacity.
  • Capacity of carrying 230 kilograms of dry chemical
  • Capacity to carry 210 kilograms of Halotron 1, a known fire extinguishing clean agent.
  • Compressed Air Foam System
  • Both fire pump and foam pump
  • Joystick control available for both, Roof and Bumper, turrets.
  • Sleek panoramic front design.

The other specifications of the truck include;

  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
  • 7 speed electronic automatic transmission
  • Top speed of 113 km/h
  • Length*Width*Height (inches): 465*120*118
  • Seating capacity: 5
  • Front brakes: standard drum brakes with option to install disc brakes too
  • Rear brakes: S-cam type drum brakes upgradable to disc standard
  • Air conditioning: cooling and heating ability
  • Options to go for high and ultra-high water pressures.
  • Side Slope Stability (Static): ≥ 30 degrees

Lets take a look at the truck.

At Islamabad Airport:

The truck is a great addition to the modern facilities in the new airport. However, we do wish the airport is inaugurated soon because we have been waiting in the wings for way too long.

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