These #TumhainKya Reaction Tweets Will Make You Laugh

By now, everyone must be aware of the legendary words said by Ex-Prime Minister, Nawaz Shareef on Tuesday. His Tumhain Kya statement made the social media go berserk and he dug a deep hole for himself after saying so.

The Twitterati never stay behind when it comes to trolling, and trolling NS is becoming more of a habit for the social media users.

We have compiled some of the funniest Tumhain Kya tweets from the microblogging platform and these are nothing short of hilarious.

Pakistanis are oozing with talent but, tumhain kya.

So many scandals in one tweet.

I don’t know why, but I find this funny.

few people can relate.

Wise words, exactly.

It’s hard to fix some things in life.

Meanwhile, students were praying for more holidays.

This biryani debate is a never-ending one.

Talking about biryani…

Allama Khadim Rizvi has definitely made some fans over the past few weeks.


Winter problems.

Wait, what?

The ideology.

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