Rawalpindi to Get a Parking Plaza to Improve Traffic Situation

One of the most populated and lively cities of Pakistan, Rawalpindi will get another parking plaza close to Liaqat Bagh which will replace the old Municipal Corporation building.

If you are a resident of Rawalpindi, you must be aware of how congested Murree Road becomes as you move closer to the Liaqat Bagh intersection signal.

Though the parking of vehicles is relatively more controlled on the Murree Road, the traffic at Imperial Market is usually unbalanced due to unregulated parking that constricts Liaqat Bagh Road.

Fowara Chowk does have its own parking plaza but it is still not enough to have any favorable effect on the traffic because it can only house 150 cars at a time.

The heavy traffic flow, due to unsupervised parking coming from both China Market and the Liaqat Bagh Road, causes imbalance at the Liaqat Bagh intersection which is why it is usually very crowded.

Besides the uncurbed parking of motorists, the encroaching gangs of beggars, stalls, and banners contribute substantially in reducing the road space, adding to the traffic jams.

In order to properly control the traffic flow, authorities need several such plazas to control encroachments in Rawalpindi’s streets due to traffic increase with each passing day.

This Sunday, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has also been assigned the duty to shift wholesale markets situated beyond the city limits.

The RDA will report to the Commissioner regarding the shifting of Naswari Bazaar, Grain Market, Dalgaran Bazaar, and several vegetable and fruit markets while consultating the respective trade regulatory bodies.

  • – Two big parking plazas needed in Shah Alam Market, & Nisbat road, Lahore.
    – One big parking plaza in Anarkali, lahore.
    – Two big parking plazas in mall road, hall road, beadon road, brandreth road & mcleod road.

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