Only 12% ATMs Have Biometric Technology in Pakistan

Pakistan’s banking industry has been expanding its operations gradually across the country but its growth is limited when it comes to technological advancement in basic infrastructure and it is shown by the fact that merely 12 percent ATMs are operating on biometric technology.

According to the statistics of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), there are merely 1,583 ATMs equipped with biometric technology out of nearly 12,689 ATMs functional across the country.

The technology of biometric sensors equipped at ATMs is not only is a convenient option for customers but it is the safest way for customers to conduct transactions. Through biometric technology, skimming attacks, which are becoming more common, can be avoided. Customers using their fingerprints can do transactions without using their cards and Pin Codes through biometric ATMs.

There are merely four banks providing this facility to their customers including BankIslami, Habib Bank Limited, United Bank Limited and National Bank of Pakistan.

BankIslami Limited was the first to have introduced this technology to customers in Pakistan back in 2006.  It is operating all 320 of its ATMs on biometric authentication system.

It was followed by Habib Bank Limited which has equipped nearly 600 ATMs with biometric technology and UBL that also installed around 550 ATMs with this new technology. National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) equipped a few of ATMs with its technology but is also planning to establish a large base of biometric ATM.

  • Xahid

    National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), they have ATM service?

  • It’s Should be Less More :
    BioMetric ATM Failed : If I am in Hospital & My Family Want’s to Using My ATM For Saving of My Life to Kiya ANGHOTA Kat K Doga :)

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      to saare paisay Bank main hi q chuppa k rakhay hain?
      kuch ghar wallon ko bhi emergency k liaye de deya karo, Kanjoos!

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          Hahaha…… .best reply wahab.

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    • Bhai Supplementary ATM Card bhi banta hai, woh banwa do Family k liay. Dosra bhai Cheque Book bhi hoti hai. Kaafi tareekay hain.

      • ADHI Rat Ko Kun Sa Cheque Book Kaam Karega :
        Aur Double ANNUAL Payment Do : ATM Ki l Wah Double SMS Charges Do ATM Ki Wah

        • Subah tak ka wait karlayna phir aap. Dosra yeh k biometric k sath sath pin code bhi chal raha hai. agar thumb nahi lagana to aap pin code enter karsaktay ho.

          • Bhai ATM User Emergency Main Hospital Gaya :
            Waha Advance Jama Hote hai Saifee Direct 20,000 Magta hai Jama K Liye Aur to Aur Medical Treatment K Alag
            Ab ATM User Behosh hai Mobile Ka Nahi Pata Pin CODE Aya K Nahi Ab Kiya Karenge
            ATM Thumb Point Her Jagah Hai Bhi Nahi :

            • Bhai phir wasiyat karjana k kissi GOVT ya khairati hopsital lay jain. Waisay bhai emergency main har hospital walay foran itnay advance ke demand nahi kartay.

    • Dr Fiaz

      bhai main brazil main rehta hon, yahan biometric ATMs hain, and those which dont have biometric facility, they have three way multi digit code to withdraw the cash. It is most secure way to do your transactions, only for your safety.

    • 0zo 0zo

      it mean regular ATM plus the biometric so They can use ur atm card . Dont try to be oversmart

  • Ashraf

    there must be biometric option along with passwd.