NBP To Set Up Biometric-Enabled ATMs

After successful launch of biometric ATMs by Bank lslamic, National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) has planned to install biometric devices at ATM Points to capture “Thumb Impression” of any visiting pensioners and retain the same as proof of life after approval of the concerned Ministry, for continuation of pension payments.

National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) is in the process of setting up “NBP ATM POINT” which will comprise centers of 4 – 6 ATMs at various locations in the country, first of which was launched on 31.12.2014 at NBP Sakhi Hasan Branch, Five Star Chowarangi, North Nazimabad, Karachi, the service was inaugurated by Syed Iqbal Ashraf, President NBP. Similar ATM Points will be established at Bahawalpur, Kharian, Multan, Gujranwala, Sialkot in the first phase.

NBP intends to install 1000 ATMs in 2015 making it one of the largest ATM Networks in the country and this ATM Point launched by NBP will be beneficial for existing customers, potential customers and will also help to attract the card holders of other banks.

NBP is one of the largest banks which enjoys the distinction of serving in-service and retired government employees. Salary and pension accounts run into millions and most of the account holders approach branches for withdrawal of cash within first ten days of every month. This extraordinary rush sometime affects the quality of customer services. The initiative has already been taken to make payment of pension payment through system support designed in-house by virtue of which the visiting pensioner does not require to bring a self-filled in pension bill/voucher as the same is being generated through system support.

Ashraf said that NBP has one of the largest branch networks with over 1350 branches, all of these being online. It has been realized that deployment of modern technology will enable the Bank to further improve the quality of service and would further expand the banking services horizon at the doorstep of its account holders/customers.

  • Saad

    Correction:Bank Islami not Bank Islam

  • Azi

    Very very poor customer service… I sent them query email for last 7 days they even didn’t replied.. It was not only query email but the complain email not delivered transaction.. But they don’t care their customers….

  • Adnan

    1)= Through this will the pensioners be able to get pension from any atm anywhere in pakistan.
    2)= Old age people especially ladies thumb impression get dim. biometric verification can cause problem for such pensioners.

  • Salman Abbas

    NBP should focus on supporting IBFT transfers first.. what a joke.

  • Mohsin Shehzad

    Me OG-III Mohsin Shehzad from
    National Bank of Pakistan
    Sargodha Region Pakistan.

    Having stated the below mentioned facts that NBP is performing a very Major Part of all over the world banks including the part of economical & Financial crises in Pakistan.
    Firstly’ if you only pointed out NBP is totaly wrong
    Because if you Pakistani‘S’ wants to fullfill your all EXpectations you must literate yourself and ur whole generation first.

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    & NBP

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      Mohsin sab can you please address my query?

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        Help line

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    SIR Azi
    You mail one time and blame NBP Thousands
    Call on NBP help center Number if U

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      Dear , i sent query email to HBL and they replied me and solved my problem with no time. they took action what they have to but NBP…? by the way i am not in Pakistan to call on help line, we sent money and money didn’t delivered when i checked the bank through i sent, said money already been sent from our side it is delayed by NBP…

  • Mohsin Shehzad

    Bio-metric system has a very big achivement in Pakistan specially in NBP
    Who’s mostly customers are totally illetrate like Pensioners of 4 Class

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    Sir Azi bhai
    NBP help line

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    Anyone Question on NBP

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      NBP :)

  • Eli Ehsan

    #ThingsLearnedToday NBP has a functional decision making directing board.
    NBP has customer service.
    NBP finally heard about ATMs as a banking tool.