Chrome Will Natively Block Ads from 15th Feb

Google announced this year that their popular browser, Chrome, will block certain intrusive ads using a built-in ad-blocker.

The feature is expected to be included within an update, which will arrive by 15th February, 2018. The company will add a built-in system, without the need of an external extension, which will enforce the advertisement standards set by the Coalition for Better Ads. Google is a member of the Coalition.

Blocking The Right Ads

The adblock like feature won’t just block every ad it sees on a website like third party extensions do – it’ll only focus on the obnoxious and intrusive ones while letting the websites show relevant, viewer friendly ads only.

It will, however, block all ads on a website if it detects even a single ad which does not comply with the standards of the Coalition for Better Ads – even if the rest of the ads do meet the required standards.

Google has warned and worked with websites to make sure they comply with and understand the standards and regulations of the Coalition so they can heed the warning in time to maintain their ad revenues.

Many users have to resort to third-party applications – which are more restrictive in nature – to get rid of intrusive and irrelevant ads.

Ad Revenue Saved?

For many businesses, ad revenue is the key factor for the business’ profits and it gets cut off if the consumers decide to use ad block extensions. If the ads are more relevant and unobtrusive, the consumers wont need to resort to such an extreme measure.

That’s exactly what Google hopes to achieve with their upcoming Chrome built-in adblocker.

    • Consumer point of view? Basically all ads except Google Adsense will be blocked. They are going to kill the online advertising business of others. Dictating how the internet should work, just because they penetrated into browser market. Internet was once open and free.

      • Just because Google did it, doesn’t mean you’re force to use it, you have “Open source Chrome” Lots of edition, pick whatever you like, even Firefox have lot of version.
        If you read carefully, Google got fed up by “Annoying ads complains” which makes them to take the issue into their hand otherwise AdBlockers will fill that gap.

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