BCCI Yet Again Attempts to Undermine the PCB

Following the refusal to play bilateral series with Pakistan, Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has ramped up its efforts to put even more obstacles in Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) way.

In the recent development, BCCI is objecting the Asian Cricket Council’s (ACC) decision which will see Pakistan host the Asian Emerging Nations Cup next year.

International Cricket Council (ICC) — which unsurprisingly hold the same views as BCCI — also rejected the claim that the event should be held in Pakistan.

Due to this reason, the matter has been put on hold until the next meeting.

An ACC meeting was held on 29th October in Lahore where Pakistan was chosen as the venue for the tournament. However, even then, representatives of BCCI did not attend the meeting as part of their protest.

BCCI claim that the decision was taken without consulting them and since India is also a part of the event, they have every right to challenge ACC’s decision.

A source close to the matter claimed:

The BCCI was of the view that it cannot send any team to Pakistan at the moment and the matter should have been considered.

The details reveal that ACC remained adamant that the tournament venue should not be changed but the resistance from BCCI and now ICC will ultimately hinder the chances of the event being held in Pakistan.

Payback of Sort?

The feud between PCB and BCCI has always remain an integral part of the cricketing world. However, the situation had never been this serious.

This decision from BCCI can be seen as a payback since PCB also refused to send its team to India earlier this year for U-19 Asia Cup.

That being said, it is clear that neither parties are planning on giving in first to amend the situation.

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