VIP Culture: Audi Owner Abuses Police on Routine Stop [Update]

A man in Karachi got pulled over by the police due to reckless driving and instead of admitting his solecism, started raging in anger and is seen screaming at the policemen.

Expectedly, his abusive language was muffled. The policemen’s helplessness is clear in the video and this really shows how the well-heeled VIP’s can influence the Pakistani authorities and do whatever they want.

The voice has been distorted due to abusive language used by the person in question

The police, probably fearing for their safety and jobs decided to let the well off guy go. The driver didn’t even need to come up with some reason or excuse, the guy was more concerned about his ‘race’ which got interrupted thanks to the police.

It’s a sad state of affairs when such people like these can spit on authority and get away with it while the rest of just watch.

VIP Culture in Pakistan

With the VIP’s being the herdsmen, the people are treated like livestock in Pakistan and this incident does not even begin to cover how dreadful the ‘upper-class men’ can be.

For the protection and security of these very reprobates, roads are blocked, hospitals are sealed, schools are closed, while the people, no matter how severe their needs, are completely shut-off.

It’s not even surprising if a person dies because some made-of-money person decides to block roads or institutions for their ease and security. The matter is completely forgotten after the affected parties are offered compensation and damages while the cycle keeps continuing.


The citizen has been identified as Shams-ul-Islam, who is reportedly a lawyer. According to the SSP Javed Akhtar, Shams was stopped during a ‘routine checking in the area to conctrol speeding and incidents of racing in the area.’

The SSP claims that Shams was agitated and started the argument however, Shams denies the allegations. He claims that the police aggravated him by banging his car’s bonnet.

Islam says that he was slowing for a speed breaker already and he was not racing anyone as there was ‘no competitor’ alongside him. He added that the video was one side of the story and does not portray what actually happened.

  • Audi walay ki video aj show ho rahi hai , jab k Sindh & Punjab ma tu MNA , MPA wala VIP Sy kam nahi hota , un ko tu hum log live dekhty hai daily :) and from childhood :)
    un ko kon arrest kary ga ?

    • aisa he hy bilkul. We’re selectively honest (which means not honest actually). We keep playing the leg pulling game to satisfy our delusional egos.

  • Why is it a news in Pakistan? It is an accepted norm in Pakistan and everybody including police know it very well that the rich and powerful are beyond the law in this “land of the pure”. How did the police dare stop an expensive Audi knowing very well what was going to happen. It would have made a breaking news had the police arrested this man but that was not to be. So lagay raho munna bhai.

  • i don’t get it? why people bashing AUDI driver? police job was to stop any one from racing on the street does they saw him racing ? you cannot blame him for things he hasn’t done. we all know condition of police in sindh they have fine a motorcyclist for not wearing a “SEAT BELT” so why any one speak for that person Audi driver is right in every way. if some wadera’s son was roaming around in audi any any MPA or MNA car found to be illegally racing they will give him VIP protocol. what happens to sharjeel memon ? what happens to shahzaib case and shooting on mercedes these same police officers were suppose to punish the criminal not giving them VIP protocol

  • یہی اوڈی والا دبئی یا سعودی عرب میں کسی پولیس والے کے ساتھ بحث کرے پھر اسے پتہ چل جائے گا ۔

  • Sindh Police deserve this. Because Sindh police has lost their credibility and respect. They stop bike riders, truck and rikhshaw drivers just for looting their money. And then they expect for respectful behavior by public?

    He has Audi and some power, so He can abuse by Words.
    While, bike/Rikhshaw drivers abuses them by heart.

    Its the only difference.

  • Police walay bhee yeh he kartay hain, jub marzi aati hay Motorcycle walay to thappar maar daitay hain, aap wo waqt bhool gay?

  • Yeh Police wlay bhee to issi tarha bike walon ko martay hain, yeh Jungle hay bhai yahan Jungle ka qanoon chalta hay – Ro Khi walon Ro

  • Iis mulk mein sirf ghareeb par hi zor chalta hai sab ka. FBR ko chahiye kay VIP Culture khatam karay iis mulk say. FBR ko arrest karna chahiye chaahe jo bhi VIP ho. Iis particular video walay case ka mujhe nahi pata, zaroori nahi hai kay driver hee ghalat ho waisay.

  • Why voice was distorted?? to hide what he said about Police corruption? or saying Zulfiqar Mirza name? or wait Sharjeel Memon flee was also discussed?? Chances are police stopped him randomly as i don’t expect him to be racing with two young boys in car

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