These Science Breakthroughs in 2017 Make Us Excited for Next Year

In a world of fierce competition, everyone’s trying to get better and better. The scientists have embarked on a journey to make this world a better place through breakthrough scientific discoveries and this year has proved to be a good one.

Let’s have a look at some of the major tech developments of 2017.

1. Genes Editing 

Some scientists from the United States have made it possible to edit human genes, which bodes well for humanity particularly when it comes to eliminating genetic diseases.

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2. Relaunching a Recycled Rocket

Space travel is going to get cheaper, considering that SpaceX has sent a recycled rocket into space this year successfully.

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3. Regenerative Medicine

Another one of those paramount discoveries, whereby human tissues, and even organs, can be grown in labs. The regenerative techniques can help repair nerve damage.

Image result for regenerative medicine human tissues grown in labs

4. Major Strides in Google’s AI

The ability of AI to navigate complex environments can help develop self-governing robots which can prove to be the next big thing.

5. A New Superconductor

Converting liquid Hydrogen into metallic Hydrogen is now a possibility and Physicists at Harvard have already done it. The zero resistance of metallic Hydrogen offers significant advantages, especially in rocketry and bullet trains.

6. Water in the Desert

How about a device which helps find water in deserts? Well, researchers have developed a device which can come in very handy in areas with limited access to clean water; it pulls water out of thin air.

7. Uterus Imitation for Motherless Births

An artificial womb, imitating a uterus, can be used to give birth to offsprings without the mother while decreasing mortality and disease rates. Scientists have grown a lamb in such a womb in a lab.

8. Time Crystals

Quantum Physics is fascinating and the Physicists have developed a new form of matter, and are yet to explore its full potential.

9. An Exoplanet Fit for Life

Super-Earth LHS 1140B, revolving around a red star, is the latest discovery beyond our Solar System, is deemed fit for alien life by the scientists.

10. Gravitational Waves

The scientists have studied the gravitational waves produced by the collision of two stars, Neutron star in this case, which collided about 130 million light-years away.

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