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Suzuki Increases Prices for Multiple Cars in Pakistan

Following Toyota Indus’ footsteps, Pak Suzuki has also announced a price increase due to the recent devaluation of the Pakistani Rupee.

Both companies – Pak Suzuki and Toyota Indus – justified this price hike saying that their vehicles mostly consist of imported hardware which costs more than usual if the rupee’s value falls. Even the parts manufactured in-house consist of imported raw material so those parts inevitably becomes expensive too.

Here are the new prices for the Suzuki vehicles available in Pakistan;

  • Mehran VX: Previous price of Rs. 6.79 lacs increased to Rs. 6.89 lacs.
  • Mehran VXR: Previous price of Rs. 7.32 lacs increased to Rs. 7.42 lacs.
  • Bolan: Previous price of Rs. 7.54 lacs increased to Rs. 7.64 lacs.
  • Bolan Cargo: Previous price of Rs. 7.2 lacs increased to Rs. 7.30 lacs.
  • WagonR VXR: Previous price of Rs. 10.54 lacs increased to Rs. 10.74 lacs.
  • WagonR VXL: Previous price of Rs. 10.94 lacs increased to Rs. 11.14 lacs.
  • Ravi: Previous price of Rs. 6.72 lacs increased to Rs. 7.06 lacs.

More Price Hikes Expected

We can expect other manufacturers, including Honda Pakistan, to increase their prices as well. Due to the absence of factories with the ability to manufacture their own parts, Pakistani automobile manufacturers rely on heavy imports from other countries in order to sustain their assembly needs for vehicles. Around 60% of components required by the automakers are imported, and even the insubstantial home-made components require imported raw materials.

The growing economy, population, even the CPEC projects are increasing the demand for vehicles and the production targets for manufacturers are increasing day by day.

    • Due to Re-Sale phobia which is a Hallmark of Pakistani buyers compromising safety, comfort and pleasure.

    • Can you suggest an alternate of under 7 lac brand new car in Pakistan. Even Japanese branded turns to S&*t under 10 lac. And forget about spare parts if you get into problem coz most branded cars under 10 lac are already repaired and most of them are problem prone.
      Having said that i still think Suzuki are charging way more than they should, for the same price you can buy better cars in India and ofcourse China.

  • If they cannot manufacture products, why not to import whole car. GCC countries have not any assembly plant, but here vehicles are reasonable. Why should i buy catara mehran with cost more than 7lacs.

  • more automotive companies like hyudai and other japanes ones should be welcomed as they can offer much better facilities in small prices the issue is just about spare parts
    i like optra but it spare parts aren’t available
    they should kick out suzuki for good

  • Prices high but Poor Quality, Body, Paint, Tyres. Bolan still with NO AC!
    No safety precautions. When there is no Control Authority, Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority made to grab money on the name of Quality. No Quality Standard. Pathetic Performance so far.
    Cars with no safety and thin body are garbage.

  • Go Nawaz Go…. made a few fly overs and underpasses here and there… and that’s too in only one city… Lahore (by the way I’m from Lahore too… But I’m First a Pakistani than a Lahori)….but couldn’t provide the conducive environment for local manufacturing sector to grow….Remained busy looting the country and filling his own pockets… pathetic state of affairs….

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